The Human Resources department deals with recruitment and the welfare of people who work at Sainsbury’s. Human resources at Sainsbury’s don’t involve recruitment and training, but it also includes induction, motivation, payment of salaries and career planning and equal opportunities policy. This is because the equal opportunities policy ensures that all applicants at Sainsbury’s should be treated the same way. This function also involves discrimination legislation acts and disciplinary matters. Training and development is a key factor for Human Resources. This is because the Human Resources department believes that all staff should be motivated and fully trained. This is important for Sainsbury’s because Sainsbury’s would gain a good reputation and a good image. This type of department is very important to any type of organisation especially to Sainsbury’s. To be successful at Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s will need the staff to be committed to the meetings of their aims and objectives. The job of Human Resources department is to recruit, develop and retain quality staff.

Job roles within the Human Resources Department
Human resources director: deciding the overall staffing policies of the organisation. Advising senior management. Setting the HR budget. In charge of all the HR functions in the organisation.
Human resources manager: managing the HR department and staff, involved with the industrial relations and trade unions negotiations, implementing the organisation’s HR policies.
Recruitment officer: responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff.
Training/staff development officer: responsible for training and staff development.
Personnel/staffing officer: keeping staff records, monitoring staff welfare.
Health and safety officer: overseeing all health and safety matters, accident monitoring and prevention.
Security officer: general security, responsible for all security staff.
Human Resources administrative assistants: administrative work relating to the human resources function.

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The aim of this department is to make sure that the business produces goods that consumers would want to buy and sell.
Activities of marketing and sales department at Sainsbury’s:
Market Research: this type of research is a research that Sainsbury’s would like to find if a product or a service is suitable for the consumers. This is because they can find out what kind of products or services the consumer’s wants. Sainsbury’s would also like to find out about if the product exists, if so, how would they manage to improve it.
There are two types of research Sainsbury’s could use 1) field research and 2) desk research.
Promotion: this is to tell the customers that the products or services that is available by advertising will encourage the customers to buy the products or services by offering promotions.
Sales: this provides that the goods and services are suitable to customers that they need or want. This area of department involves making sales.
This function helps Sainsbury’s to achieve the objectives. The way they manage to do this is by increase their sales so that it increases its market share or market segment. The market research is carried out to identify the customer needs. Sainsbury’s also would like to increase their image name. This is because Sainsbury’s would like to provide the customers with good products so that they can fulfill the customer needs and increase the sales within the promotion offers e.g. get one and get the second one free. Promotion is an important marketing function for Sainsbury’s. This is because Sainsbury’s would like to increase the awareness, attract new customers, and increase sales and profits. The marketing function for Sainsbury’s takes into account the four marketing mix e.g. product, price, place and promotion.

Job roles in marketing:
Marketing director: responsible for the overall marketing functions and its aims and objectives.
Sales director: responsible for the sales functions.
Sales manager: responsible for sales in staff and the achievement of sales targets. This is often within the UK.
Export manager: responsible for the overseas agents and the achievement of sales targets overseas.
Advertising manager: the manager is in charge of advertising and liasing with the agency staff over the publicity campaigns.
Sales coordinator: the ‘link’ person for travelling sales representatives who require urgent information.
Sales representatives: sales people who visit customers in the UK and overseas.
Market researchers: find out the consumer opinions on current and proposed goods and services.
Order clerks: accept and process sales orders.
Shipping clerks: to arrange for the transportation and delivery of orders overseas and the completion of export documentations.
Telephone sale staff: accept and process telephone orders.
Administration: This deals with enquires, communicating messages and producing documents for the workforce at Sainsbury’s
Research and Development: The function for this department is to achieve Sainsbury’s objectives for creating new and improved products so that all the products would be developed into better goods. This type of research involves technical research, for instance, Sainsbury’s could research into new production technique. R&D can be very expensive.


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