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I have created a simple tool that I have given to our UPNY TeleSales reps to help them best identify which rate plan a customer should be on. It should be simple to use. In qualifying the customer, the rep enters the customers expected # of calls he/she will make on a daily basis (weekdays ONLY), and the program will calculate which America’s Choice rate plan would be the least expensive, and which rate plan would give the customer the most value (given their usage).

The purpose of the sheet is to help UP-SELL to higher rate plans, focusing more on the VALUE of the plans vs. the COST.

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The spreadsheet is LOCKED, prohibiting a rep from making any changes. It allows him/her to enter the # of phone calls the customer is expected to use daily (weekdays). This “should be” the only cell the rep needs to enter in, although one other cell is left UNLOCKED … the average minutes/call. There are, in 2002, 21.75 weekdays/month, which is hard-coded in.

KEEP IN MIND, PLZ … this is a simple tool to help guide the rep to which rate plan to suggest. It is not a full blown detailed report of what the customer will be billed. It should NOT be shown to customers. It takes simple assumptions into consideration (ie: should the customer still have ;10% of his plan minutes left over at the end of the month or should the delta between two rate plans exceed $25 or more per month, the program will not recommend the next rate plan up). Keep in mind also that this is newly created and has not been tested yet by the reps. Should any reps find any errors or suggestions to improve it, please let me know and I will fix ;/or enhance it. It should be self-explanatory, but I will be happy to go over it with anyone that asks. As I hear feedback from reps, I will make changes and send you out a new ; improved version.
I am sending this to you in hopes that you might find it useful in your channels as well. If you wish to not receive future versions, just let me know.

1.)The simplicity is to have the reps probe to find out how many calls/weekday the customer is expecting to make. This program DOES NOT calculate “off-peak” airtime.

2.)Have the rep enter the expected # of calls/weekday into the top yellow cell (CELL B1). The spreadsheet will take over from there.

3.)The arrows on the spreadsheet will point to the rate plan that should be recommended to the customer. It will highlight (in green), the rate plan that may be the least expensive rate plan for the customer (green = money). If applicable, it will also highlight (in yellow), the rate plan that should provide the customer with the most value … which should be the plan recommended to the customer. The bottom of the chart should help the rep explain to the customer WHY it has more value (see example below).

Enter in “9” calls/weekday at the top of the page (CELL B1)
Note that the $55 rate plan is the least expensive rate plan that the customer should be on. The spreadsheet will break out his costs (once again … off-peak is NOT included in this breakout).
Note also; however, that the $75 rate plan brings the most value, as the customer can purchase 313 more minutes (313 more than what he is expected to use) for only $6.96, making those additional 313 peak minutes cost ONLY 2.2 CENTS/MINUTE! From here, we can pencil sell into a higher rate plan.

Enjoy. See me with any questions or requested changes.Words
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