How My Actions Affect Other People

The biggest way that my actions affect other people
is that of betrayal. Other people trust me with
responsibilities, and when I take a negative action
towards that trust it decreases. On the other hand, if
I have a positive reaction towards the trust that
awarded to my behalf, then I am trusted with more
and bigger responsibilities. Trust comes in many
shapes and forms, and there are too many people
in the world today for us to not go a day without
someone relying on us in some way. There are
many things that we are obliged to do on a daily
basis. Everything from me starting the car in the
morning and not taking off, to me going to school
everyday and so on. There are also irregularities in
our daily responsibilities such as me having an
English assignment on occasion or me having to
get to guitar lessons.
Every one of those things is a responsibility that if
neglected will have a negative impact on all parties
involved. If I dont go to school, then my parents feel
like they are neglecting me as a child and I am
doomed for the streets, or they are given the
headache of trying to discipline me, which despite
all teenagers beliefs discipline is not something
that parents have fun giving out. Also, should I ever
start the car in the morning and take off, my mother
now has to walk to work, or call Dad. They now dont
trust me enough to know if I went to school or not,
and a 1000 lb. Monster has now taken off with a
very irresponsible and untrustworthy person
controlling. Also, should I ever not do that English
assignment that I was asked to complete, then Mr.

Cobbe is now given the headache of punching in a
zero to a kid who he honestly believes, “is one of
the top students, if not the top student in the class;
who is sitting at a 60-65%, and should be
mid-to-top nineties” Causing him not only a little bit
of grief but a lot of frustration.
So, all in all. My actions affect other people in many
many ways. I can not do something that I shouldnt
do and not cause others grief. Also, even in the long
wrong. Despite how many good or bad decisions I
make, and how many 100s of 1000s of people I
cause either a lot of grief, or a lot joy. It is I, Adam
Abernethy, who has to live with the consequences of
his actions.

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