How am I going to improve my Intimate Relationship

with my Best Friend?Feb 9, 2004
Psychology 135/Preterm paper
My best friend and I have known each other for almost three years, we
talk to each other everything and we share a lot, but we will argue about
things most of the time, and I found out one thing, because we are
different. When God made us, he had made each one of us different, we look
different, we think different, and even though we have different

There are four individual characteristics, D.I.S.C. D-Dominance,
dominant position especially in a social hierarchy, the property of one of
a pair of alleles or traits that suppresses expression of the other in the
heterozygous condition, the influence or control over ecological
communities exerted by a dominant. I-Influence, the act or power of
producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise
of command, and corrupt interference with authority for personal gain.

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S-Steadiness, direct or sure in movement and will firm in position. C-
Conscientiousness, extreme or excessive care in the consideration or
treatment of details.

I have gain knowledge from the D.I.S.C. information I have found. Each
person has different personality, always there have no same personality in
between a couple or friends, because each one of us need a person comes to
complete us. I needed to find out what type of personality that I have, and
get improve with those type of personality that I am missing.

My best friend is a D-type personality, and I am an S-type person. We
have totality different personality. I need to learn how to be with
different type of people. Now I can understand why we argue a lot with many
things. And get better and better with my best friend.


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