House Cats

The animal that I picked to reasherched on is a house cat.
Classify: The cat would best fit in the Animalia kingdom.

phylum: Chordata(vertebrate)
Class: Mammals
Order: Pulicidae
Family: Siphonaptera
Genus: Felis
Species: domesticus
(a) It depends on others for food.

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(b)Cells are flexible.

The way a cat would reproduce would be sexually. In order to produce sexually
you have to have a male and female, or ‘sperm, and a fertile egg’;
The cats characteristics are a wide range, because there are so many types of cats.
They are part of the Polymorphism group which mean that it is hard to identify the male
from the female. The cats that are the same back ground will look very similar. They
have also adapted to our world by having great reflexes for catching fast rodents or birds.
They have also adapted to hunting at night and their eyes are very useful in the dark
unlike ours. Cats can also make their hair stand up for defence, after its all standing up
the cat can look up to three inches taller. That intimidates their enemy the enemy runs
away. When the cats purrs it tells you that they are happy. So to close things, the
ordinary house cat is very interesting and they are very cool.


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