In 1929 when the Great Depression hit, people started becoming jobless and lossed many things including their homes. So, wiht no where to go, people started making their own houses out of cardboard and trash cans that were located at city dumps, along major highways, under bridges and so on. These little homes people made were called Hoovervilles. This was named after are past President, President Herbert Hoover. The people named it after him because Hoover wasnt paying attention to their economic need as well as him being the reason for the Great Depression.

Another name for this was Shanty Towns, which were not supported by the city government. These towns brought about many problems including hunger, crimes as well as dieases becasue there was no running water nor electricty. There was much chaos that caused many problems with not that many answers. In fact some sheriffs as well as vaignrae groups would go around beating the people that lived in Hoovervilles. One hobo recalled saying, …Guys with baseball bats driving them out of jungels around the railroad grounds.
these towns went on for some time wnitl we got another President in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The people loved Roosevelt because he really cared about what they were going through and started programs to restore America. Which in the end help pull them out of the Great Depression in 1939.

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