home improvement

Home Improvement
To construct a sitcom, like Home Improvement, there are certain media concepts that the show must take into consideration before building a set, and script. The medium that is chosen determines the format of the text, money limits construction, and the audience limits construction, as well as the lifestyles, and values of the audience. The writers of the show have to determine what dialogue is used in the script, for example the language and word choice that is used. The script also includes choosing a plot, setting, characters, and narrators. To add to this list, the show could not be made possible without a recording environment, such as cameras, a studio to work in, lighting, sound effects, props, costumes, equipment for colouring, and fonts for messages.

The audience has a lot to do with the success of the show. The writers for Home Improvement have to look at the show as a audience member would. If it does not run smoothly and does not show an environment that the audience may not find interesting, can affect the popularity of the show.

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Home Improvement is about, a five member normal family that is faced everyday problems, involving either the children or the adults. Tim Taylor, (played by Tim Allen) is a clumsy, hilarious man, who is in love with tools, hosts a television show called Tool Time, while raising three hormonally – charged boys into responsible adults, Brad, ( Zacery Ty Bryan ) and Randy, ( Jonathan Taylor Thomas ) who are always chasing the girls, and Mark ( Taran Noah Smith ) as quoted from an ABC PRIMETIME article, along with the help of his understanding wife Jill (played by Patricia Richardson .) Jill and Tim seem to have a healthy relationship between the two of them.

Meanwhile, Wilson, the Taylors unusual neighbour, serves as a teacher or a guide for Tim, or anyone else who has a problem. Wilson is always there when Tim needs to talk.

Al Borlan, ( Richard Karn ) is Tims best friend, and also his co-worker on the television show Tool Time.

Heidi, is the Tool Time Girl who always introduces Tim Taylor for the show Tool Time.
Every episode the audience expects a on-going scenario, for example Tim always getting hurt or Al always to be joked upon, these are the parts of the show, that the views keep wanting to come back to watch.
For example Tim tries to add more power to the dishwasher, and when he cuts a wire on the dishwasher, he gets electricuted. In another situation he adds more power to the lawnmower, and when he attempts to drive it, he crashes it through the fence. All these incidents are just entertainment segments, for the audience to enjoy a good laugh so that they can expect something similar every episode.
For a sitcom such as Home Improvement to be successful, the concept of the show must be simple, but also have the possibility of endless variations. It should be interesting, and also to be able to be accepted as real to the audience. The characters and conflicts should be simple for the audience to pick out.
Home Improvement over the years grew to have many recurring scenarios. For instance Tim will try to fix something, and it will not work out, the boys will pick on Mark, Tim will bug Al, the audience will never see Wilsons face in the show, Tims grunt will never be forgotten, Tim will always want more power, and Al will always use his known line from Tool-Time, I dont think so Tim.


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