Home Burial

Home Burial In the poem “Home Burial” by Robert Frost, it is easy to see both positive and negative aspects of both characters. I feel that Frost favors the man. Although he talks about how the man seems to not have feelings, the man actually does. The man feels sad for his dead child. He just goes about showing it in a different way.

The man feels that he must move on with his life. He tries to get his mind off the whole thing. He digs the grave and then tries to focus on other things. He worries about the fence and doesnt even realize that he can see the childs grave from the window. Its not that he doesnt care, he just cant deal with it the same way that the woman can.

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It was the lifestyle of men during the early 1900s to not show feelings. He didnt know how to show feelings. He even asked his wife to help him. (Line 61) “Apart would make me out. Give me my chance”. He wants to be able to understand her and maybe even share some feelings of his own.

The woman is more emotional. She cant believe that her husband could just go on and live his life. However, this was the best thing for her husband. She needs someones shoulder to cry on and cant understand why he cant be there for her. She is walking out on her marriage and her home.

She cant deal with it, so she runs away. This portrays her as a weak character. She is unable to deal so she flees. The man is strong and deals with is how he sees fit.


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