Historical Truth

Historical Truth All of human history is a collaboration of truth. In it, emotion and rationality fight each other in a bitter struggle for supremacy. The outcome remains in doubt still to this day, however, as evidence of both individual and institutional involve- ment contribute towards this subtle yet potent friction. Institutions are the founda- tion of the house of social order while individuals roam free throughout the house itself. History teaches us that humanity grows and becomes strengthened by diver- sity and a common understanding of the dangers of indifference.

Truth, which is the essence of human history is often manipulated to serve individual interests for the achievement of social goals on a scale monestrous to most people. Truth then becomes a controlled element in an experiment involving all of society instead of the environment in which the experiment would take place. Once manipulated, the es- sence of this ‘truth’ is forever changed and what we once thought of as ‘truth’ now only becomes data supporting claims unverifiable in a personal or historical context. The danger to society only becomes apparent when the conundrum of decep- tion falls apart in light of the human ability to see order in a universe of constructed chaos. It is the individual practice of curious introspection through innate deduc- tive and inductive reasoning fueled by the passionate need to seek a harmony with oneself and the world one inhabits (truth) that saves us from complete social de- struction. Individually, the manipulation of truth affects each of us daily on scales both small and large. Social institutions can operate on timetables and charters which maneuver truth for self-interest while at the same time masking it under the guise of ‘progress’. The point at which this personalization of historical interpretation be- comes destructive to the integrity of historical order, however, is subtle.

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Signs and symptoms of the massaging of history for individual gain litter the timestream of human evolution, but we would be hard pressed to find evidence of this in the present without the beneficial power of historical hindsight. The present signifi- cance of individual involvement in the scope of human history is impressively diffi- cult to determine, yet the consequences of indifference to this matter would lead to the eventual end of us all. After examining these claims it becomes painfully clear that we must seek to preserve the altruistic nature of our species in spite of existing in a world of self-interest and gain through individual and institutional deceit. This battle can be fought with the weapons given to us at birth: human reason (logic), compassion for all life (love), and the ability to create (free will). A response born from the in- stinctive enmity towards social indifference will also act as a shield to protect us from the casual acceptance of any ‘fact’ disguised as truth. And while this aware- ness grows with experience, a knowledge of the past will safeguard us against the perils of the present and future.

Hope remains within Pandora’s chest. Historical manipulation can be fought. Still, individuals will come to realize that a disregard for truth brought forth from a corrupted ideal of social order will harm them all. Egalitarian methods of social conduct based on a ubiquitous view of human history will provide us with answers to these social and personal dilemmas. Indifference must fall to human nature, for the seeds of civilizational progress lie within us, not widespread destruction.

Truth is the essence of human history. We can choose to cherish its generous afflictions or ignore its brazen warnings. We can mold it to benefit our own interests or bend to the burden of altruistic, social order. Such a path requires a will determined to struggle, for it is in the heart of our very nature to make known the unknowable through logic and love, but it is in that struggle for truth which we will achieve our greatest glory for ourselves and all humanity. Preserve the integrity of knowledge and understanding through a continual appreciation of truth and history is saved.

Be indifferent to the wisdom of the ages (and present) and all of tomorrow is doomed.


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