Has The Information Revelotion Benifited Society

.. angerous one at times, but thanks to the information revolution that job has become much easier. The information revolution has giving police officers the most powerful weapon to fight crime, information. With instant and up to date information, a police officer can know what to accept when they pull someone over or enter a house. Almost all police cars now have an onboard computer, which is linked to a international database of know criminals.

Even before a police officer pulls someone over, the officer knows if the driver might be a danger or not. They know this because they run your license plate number through the computer and see if the car might be stolen. Then when they take your license, they run that through the computer and see if you have any warrants out for your arrest. With instant information, police officers can catch and arrest criminals much earlier. The information revolution has also brought about a change in how neighbors interact.

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With more and more people being informed on what to look for if you suspect your neighbor is being robbed, more and more people are preventing crime before it happens. Also, people now know how to make their houses less enticing to a would be criminal. The information revolution has also giving people the knowledge of how to stop a person who is attacking you. If the information revolution has helped to prevent just one person from being a victim of a violent crime, I feel it has greatly helped society. The information revolution has helped to bring the people of the world closer.

The phrase global village was coined because of the information revolution. The world is a global village because of the information revolution. The information revolution has allowed people from every corner of the world to talk to each other and share cultures. I myself am taking advantage of this ability. I talk to and exchange e-mails with a person form Germany.

If it were not for the information superhighway, I would have never know this person and I feel my life would be less if I did not know this person. I have been introduced to many new cultures because of the information superhighway. I would not have understood these cultures without the information superhighway. The information revolution has also been used to create many successful marriages. These couples would probably have never met, if it were not for the information revolution.

With all of the benefits the information revolution has brought, there is still a few problems it also brought along. One such problem is how complicated our lives have become. With all of the technology we have, you almost need to be a rocket scientist to operate it let alone fix it. Many people get frustrated over not being able to make something work. Most older people in society talk about the good old days, but if you were to ask them to give up their air condition, microwaves, and cars in order to have the good old days back most would say I do not like the good old days that much.

So our lives are a little more complicated, we have to use are brain more, but it is all worth it. I do not believe someone would give up their current life for one in the good old days. Another major issue against the information revolution, is the health problems it causes. It is true, that the increases in some illness is related to the information revolution. The rise in obesity among adults and especially children is of major concern.

With easy access to information, many people dont get the excise they need. When someone can order everything needed over the Internet, there is no need for that person to go outside and get some excise. With obesity on the rise, it also causes illnesses related to weight to increase like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Even though the information revolution has helped to increase certain illnesses, we can not forget all of the illnesses it has helped to stop. The information revolution has made many people aware of many deadly illnesses.

Obesity is not a deadly illness. There is no such thing as dying form obesity. The benefits of the information revolution on the medical field far out weigh the problems it has caused. Snider paints a pretty grim picture of the environment if we allow the information revolution to continue. He describes a world where the human population is spread evenly through out the world. He talks about how if the human population were to spread itself out there would be a global destruction of the environment.

The only problem with this picture is that it is built on could happens and might happens. For this picture to become real, people would have to leave the large urban areas. This is not likely to happen because many people stay were they grew up. If you grew up with the hustle and bustle of a big city all around you, the idea of living in a small town sounds boring. Statics show that a little over 90 percent of people live within a 50 mile radius of where they grew up. No one wants to leave family and friends, so many people stay were they grew up, weather it be a small town or the big city. The information revolution has also brought a new wave of crime, electronic crime.

The databases we hold so dear are one of the main reasons for this new kind of crime. When you have peoples whole lives on a computer, it is a very tempting target. This new crime is hard to stop and even harder to catch the people who are doing it. Even though it is hard to stop and hard to catch the people, we still do catch them. Every day new programs are coming out to stop these criminals from gaining access to peoples sensitive information.

For every new program a hacker creates to break into someones database, there is a program created to stop it. The information revolution is a revolution that does not understand what being social is. Many people spend hours on the computer every day. These people have no social life, but the virtual social life they have created on the Internet. Many colleges have banned or restricted students, who are on the Internet to much, from using the Internet. Colleges like the University of Maryland has such a rule in place. The University of Michigan and Michigan State University are two colleges considering implementing such rules. What kind of message are these colleges sending to there students.

They are saying you cant control yourself and you are an addict. We are going to save you from yourself because we know what is best for you. Last I checked, most every one who attends college is an adult, and in America adults have the right to make their own choices. If a person wants to spend 12 hours a day on the Internet, so be it. As long as their grades are not suffering because of it, what business is it of the schools.

They are all adults. Let them make their own decisions. Information, what a powerful tool. It can cause plants to shift or an atom to split. The information revolution has created so many benefits for society that far out weigh the problems it creates.

The information revolution is going to occur no matter what anyone says. You can either embrace the revolution or be run over by it. I prefer to embrace it, because it has giving me so much and will continue to influence my life for the better. Bibliography Bibliography Fernandez, Susan and McKee, Kate. Students Hooked On The Net.

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