Hard times

Annas family was a typical Polish family in the 1930’s. Thier story is that the nazis came to poland in 1939. They took all of the Jewish families Anna’s family happend to be jewish. Annas family split up to make it harder for the nazis to catch them. Some of them went to stay with relatives. Others went to remote locations, such as hiding in bars and stores.

The nazis caught up to her family and sent them to concentration camps. They were lucky, because at the time the americans were liberating the camps. She went on to teach others about her experiences.

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Some major events were Anna finding her brother after her camp experience. She had to go to a sanitarium because she had Tuburculosis. She met some friends in the sanitarium, most of them died. Her time at the camps was probably the most major time.
The story line was all about Anna growing up under nazi regume. Then living with the depression that came with all of her friends deaths. Some of the story was about the her interaction with her family.

I feel that the author wrote the book to let every reader know how nazi life was. Also to show that it was hard on a family and children, to grow up wandering around hiding. The main reason She wrote it was to let everyone know about the tragidies in the holocaust.

There was only one main character. Her name was Anna, she was 7-17 in the course of the book. She grew up in a rich section of Poland. She struggled through having to live the nazi experience.

This story is true so what I have just told you is the Authors story.

I feel that this I one of the best books i’ve ever read. I think everyone who thinks the holocaust was a cake walk should read this book.


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