Hamlet Kings

Hamlet Kings There are many differences between the Kings Hamlet and Claudius with very few similarities. Perhaps the similarities stop at being the product of the same mother and father or even being each others brother. The reasons for these differences can only be speculated. Assuming that each had the same education and proper parenting one can only assume that living in Hamlets shadow Claudius grew cold and bitter and jealous. Perhaps by examining the differences we could discover the reason why each are so different.

The first obvious difference is that Hamlet was a fighter, a nationalist, a patriot, working for the expansion and prosperity of his country. Claudius seems to prefer the life of luxury and luster associated with being a King. He feels that democracy is the key to the countries preservation. Hamlet also loved his wife and son with a enthusiasm that carried beyond the grave. He asked his son to forgive the sins of his mother in the retribution of his murder. He also thought his son meritorious of the position of being the king of Denmark in spite of his age Claudius didnt love his wife or Hamlet though he married her and said that he would love Hamlet as a son.

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It isnt believable because of his refusal to let Hamlet go back to school and the time spent in the incestuous sheets with Hamlets widow couldnt have been enough to permit love. Moreover Hamlet was very candid and straight forward in speech. He says what he means, and means what he feels. Claudius antithetically speaks more cunningly leaving much unsaid and implied. Ultimately, Hamlet being the aggressive, passionate, honest man makes him a more appropriate leader than his democratic, power hungry, crafty brother Claudius. It seems easily possible that Claudius was jealous of his brothers power and passion, and therefore wanted it himself.


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