HAARP is an extremely low frequency radio wave gen

erator. It stands for High Frequency Active AuroralResearch Program. It is a massive antennae array up in Alaska on the Copper River Basin. Its altitude
fluctuates between 1000 and 3000 feet above sea level. It is operated by the US military, more
specifically the Navy and Air Force. It operates between 2.8 and 10 MHz. It was also voted one of the 10
most under reported news stories of the year by journalists.

Scientific Perspectives-
HAARP is an HF (High Frequency) generator. It generates frequencys directly above the AM band and
below the VHF (Very High Frequency) or TV band. It will zap the Ionosphere which is between 40 and 600
miles above the earths surface. The ionosphere helps to shield out electromagnetic waves from space that
are harmful to life on earth. There are other ionospheric heaters located throughout the world. This
specific one differs though from the others in that it concentrates all the energy on one specific spot.

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This cause a wide beam to focus in on a small area like when you use a piece of glass to start a fire.

The others start as a small beam and grows into a bigger area causing the amount of the beam to hit an
area to be weaker than when it starts out. The electromagnetic waves then bounce off the ionosphere and
radiate back down on the earth. These waves penetrate down to the bottom of the ocean depths. The HAARP
project is expected to generate over 1 billion watts when i!
t is completed. It is capable of delivering one watt per square centimeter which can cause the ionosphere
to increase and decrease in altitude.
Weather modification is also theoretically possible with HAARP. It can cause one of earths major
weather modifiers, the jet stream, to change in direction by causing plumes of atmospheric particles.

Another effect is the possibility of raising or lowering large amounts of the earths atmosphere. This
could cause certain areas of the atmosphere to be filled with air or depleted of air. Large amounts of
energy could possibly be sent great distances with this technology. Another technological possibility is
to spray large areas of the earth with varying wave frequencies and change the frequency. This includes
bombarding the frequency of the one that the human brains operate on. You can then cause people to feel a
certain way. People can also be disoriented by this procedure.

Technological Perspectives-
Many of HAARPs functions are geared to the military. The ability to send electromagnetic waves down
to the depths of the ocean could help to setup a worldwide system of communication with submarines. This
would allow submarines to stay at great depths without having to ascend and risk giving away their
position when communicating. Another possibility is the defense of a nations airspace by causing the
atmosphere to group up in certain areas and increase the drag for non-guided missiles. This causes their
speed to be affected by the friction increase. The missile will then possibly fall short of its target
or run out of fuel. A defense against guided missiles is to bombard it with large amounts of energy of
different frequencies. This can cause the missile to become disoriented and cant distinguish between
which signal is the correct one. This effect can also be used on air planes. It can cause the instruments
and electronics to become corrupted. They also can become o!
verloaded and stop working properly. Brain waves can also be altered and mimicked. This can possibly and
theoretically done with HAARP. The operators can cause great amounts of population to be made to think a
certain way. This is done by altering the brains wave lengths. As of now you cant put specific thoughts
into someones head. You can only cause people to feel certain feelings such as sadness, happiness or
depression. This could be used to control a population by making them feel a certain way anytime a
certain thing happens, such as liking a president everytime he makes a speech because you always feel
good during and afterwards his speech. This can also be used as crowd control. This is done by making
people disoriented. They are then more easily controlled.
Weather can be controlled by HAARP also. This is done by raising or lowering the pressure in a
certain area. The jet stream can also be manipulated to take an instructed route. Both of these
procedures can cause certain areas to have more clouds or rain or wind and so on.
Ecological Perspective-
There is a large amount of backlash against HAARP. This is extremely so in Alaska. The best known
group is NO HAARP. People are scared that this could superheat the ionosphere. The other ionospheric
heaters, which the military always compares HAARP to, are only a fraction of the size of HAARP. The
possible consequences of HAARP are extremely frightening. The ionosphere protects us at the moment from
electromagnetic wave from outer space. All the animals on earth would be greatly harmed by the massive
amount of electromagnetic waves. The military claims that it is safe to heat the ionosphere to the levels
that it will be heated to. There is not much evidence to support either side though.
Another problem is the possibility of confusing pilots. The frequencies emitted can cause electronic
equipment to malfunction. This could great big jumbo jets or small planes to get off track or even
possibly crash due to electronic malfunction. There is also a danger of emitting large amount of
electricity and electromagnet waves on people. This would happen to the majority of people in the north
western US and western Canada.

Economic Perspective-
There is a lot of money to be made by some companys. HAARP costs a lot of money to keep powered. The
company APTI (ARCO Power Technologies Incorporated) which is a subsidy of Atlantic Richfield Company
built HAARP. Massive amounts of money could be made by beaming large amounts of electricity without
wires. A small plane has been able to fly for over 100 straight days at an altitude of approximately
50,000 feet using electricity beamed to it. Another suspected reason that Atlantic Richfield Company
wanted HAARP to be built where it is is because of the massive natural gas fields up there. They were
stuck with a huge natural gas deposit. It is in a remote location and would cost a large amount of money
to build a pipeline. If HAARP is there then they knew there would also be a huge demand for the gas. This
would allow them to develop the gas field at a reasonable cost.
Political Perspectives-
The HAARP project is extremely political. In its early years HAARP was a black budget project. Black
budget projects are ones that arent specifically mentioned in the budget but somehow manage to receive
funding. They are extremely secretive projects. One suspected reason the government likes it but has to
deny it is because it is a way to build a cheaper version of Star Wars. Star Wars is the project that
was proposed to put satellites in space to protect against nuclear weapons. Another reason is that they
can change the weather for good or bad. There is a possible chance that famine could be caused in a
country that they are at war with. This would be extremely helpful in starving the opposing army and
causing civil unrest. The possibility of mind control is also an appealing idea to most governments. The
government of course denies it but it is a very real danger. There is evidence to support that the
Russians did tests and experiments of mind control on Americ!
ans. This was rumored to be done with a similar but less powerful ionispheric heater.
Angels Dont Play This HAARP
by Dr Nick Begich and Jeane Manning


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