Your feet should be shoulder width apart (for better balance) with them
Place the ball in one hand on your fingers – not on the tips, but not flat
on the palm, (a finger space between the ball and palm). Your other hand
is used to support the ball only. Rest it slightly on the ball during the
Being a high shooting technique, your arm should be straight above your
head and almost resting against your ear. Try not to arch your back.
It is very important to take aim before shooting. Aiming at something
solid is a lot easier than imagining a spot above or in the middle of the
ring. The ideal place to aim is at the front of the ring in the centre.
Your arms and legs bend at the same time, again making sure that your
elbows and knees are pointing to the post. When bending your arm it is
mostly a drop from the elbow not the shoulder; you should not be able to
see your elbow come forward. This is where the other hand supports the
ball on the drop behind the head – so it doesn’t fall off your hand.
When pushing up from the knees, don’t be afraid to go right up onto your
toes, (or over a small jump as you get further away from the goal post).

Try not to fall forward as you release the ball. By falling forward you
shorten the distance between the defender and you. Push with the arms
at the same time as the legs, making sure the release of the ball is
above the head not forward of the head. This is so you don’t push the
ball into the defender’s hands. The final push comes from the hands,
fingers, and flicking of the wrist to follow through.
The ideal way to successfully shoot a goal is to get the ball above the
ring so it falls down into the ring cleanly, (without touching the sides).

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This is why when releasing the ball the motion is up and not forward.
Be prepared to miss a lot of shots at first. Start practicing close to the
goal post and gradually move further out as you feel more comfortable. I
would suggest working on the change during the off season, definitely
not during your main competition. Remember, the more you practice the


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