Guns in Big Cities

Guns have become a big problem in big cities. There’s been a lot of killings going on over the stupidest things. The government has to do something about this, because the newspaper has a lot of stories on crimes committed with guns.
The government could pass stricter laws against anyone that is arrested with a gun and does not have a permit to carry one. It could crack down on people who sell guns to anyone that tries to buy one. They could try to stop illegal guns from getting out in the streets by putting check points that lanes have to land and let police check and see what they are bring to the U.S.

Some people hide behind the constitutional amendment that gives use the right to bear arms. That doesn’t give use the right to go around and kill people just because you don’t like what they say. That amendment was made up when U.S. was first started and they didn’t really have an army, it’s army was the common people so they needed to have arms. Today we don’t need to have guns we have something that those people didn’t, we have a strong army.

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There is always someone dying because of this. A couple of weeks ago, a man killed his little daughter then killed himself. That is very sad. How could someone do that to their own child? That is very sad because if people would do that to their own blood, image what they would do to those people they don’t know. A few years ago a girl lost her stepmother, brother, and her father. They were all killed over drugs. Her brother and her father were shot so many times in the face that the girl couldn’t tell if it was them or not. Her stepmother was shot once in the head. This is very disturbing because none of these have permit to carry a gun. The government should do something to stop people from committing crime of this nature.

The future looks very dim if we let this thing continue. I would love to see the day when people would talk out their differences, instead of being so quick to shoot someone. It is sad with all the words people know and all the words in the dictionary, people still can’t find words to settle their differences. Someday this must change. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about getting shot.


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