Great Expations

Great Expations Great Expectations Notes Chapter 1 Setting: early in the 1800s; Churchyard in His? Joe Gargey and her husband in the Marshes. ?tiny village east of London parents died Pip- Phillip Pirrap- main character- 7 years old- Lives w/ sister One time while visiting his parents grave he meets a?Mrs. when he was younger strange man- He asks Pip to get him a file and some writtles (food). Chapter 2 Setting: At home; We meet Joe Gargery, the blacksmith, and Mrs. Joe, Pip’s At dinner Pip placed? Joe Gargery and Pip were both brought up by hand ?sister The family receives?his bread for the convict down the leg of his trousers Later that night, Pip gets some?news that Hulks(convicts) are on the loose brandy, and the file (from the forge, this?bread, cheese, pork pie, mincemeat, is where Joe works) Chapter 3 Setting: In the churchyard again; Pip delivers the Pip approached a man who was dressed in coarse grey, and had a?stolen goods Pip saw the right convict?great iron on his leg, but this was a different man The convict asked?hugging himself and limping. He had the chills and the fever The convict?Pip if he brought anyone and he said no, and the man believed him asked Pip where the man w/ the bruised face went.

Pip pointed and handed him the file Chapter 4 Setting: At home; Christmas dinner we meet Mr. Pumblechook, Mr. Pip was fearful on his return that there would be a?Wopsle, and the Hubbles Pip?police officer waiting for him at home, but no one suspected the robbery The guests: Mr.?made the excuse that he was listening to Christmas Carols Wopsle- Church’s assistant to a parish priest- Mr. Hubble- one who makes wheels- A file of?Uncle Pumblechook- a grain merchant. He also had a chaise-cart They all go to the?soldiers w/ handcuffs.

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The wanted Joe to fix the handcuffs ?marshes in search for the convicts Chapter 5 Setting: On the marshes; Pursuit They found the two convicts; There?The search party could hear voices calling was water splashing and mud flying, and oaths were being sworn and blows being In order to take? They lit torches and marched separating the convicts ?struck pip out of suspicion, this convict tells the sargent that he stole the food from Joe – The convict was taken on a boat and disappeared into the night Chapter 6 Pip learns to write at Mr. Wopsle’s?Setting: At home; Pip receives an odd job When Uncle Joe was a kid, he had parents who drank heavily?great aunt’s school Miss Havisham- rich and grim lady who lives in?and so Joe didn’t attend school Pip is invited to play at?a large and dismal house barricated against robbers her house, but he doesn’t know why Chapter 7 Setting: At Miss H’s Satis house: Miss H’s?We meet Miss h and Estella * Uncle Pumblechook takes Pip to her house Estella lets Pip in?house had many iron bars and some windows were walled up Estella is called down to play w/Pip.?the gate; She is very pretty and proud They play cards and Pip asks to go home- When leaving she asks him to return in Mr.?six days Chapter 8 Setting: At home: Pip reports on his visit w/ Miss H Pip lied to them but then told?Pumblechook and Mrs, Joe asked Pip questions Joe the truth Chapter 9 Setting: In the village; Biddy and a secret looking Joe sometimes went to a public house to smoke his pipe/ Three Jolly?stranger When the men’s drinks? Joe was there w/ Mr. Wopsle and a stranger ?Bargemen arrive the stranger stirred it w/ a file! He did this so only Pip saw him. The also the stranger gives Pip two one pound notes/ Pip?stranger was the convict sister puts them in a piece of paper, and puts that under some dried rose leaves This remained a nightmare?in an ornamental tea- pot on top of the state parlor to Pip many a nights Chapter 10 Setting: At Satis House; We meet poor relations On arrival pip was taken a different way/ He was in?and a pale young gentlemen In a room that is full of dust lies on a?a room w/ 3 ladies and a gentlemen ? It was Miss H b-day; she didn’t permit any talk of it ?table a old bridecake Outside Pip meets up w/ a fellow his own?Then Estella and pip played cards ?age; they began to fight, Pip knocked him down and then won the fight Impressed at Pip, Estella allows Pip to kiss her on the cheek Chapter 11 Miss h asks Pip about what?Setting: At Satis House; Pip is apprenticed to Joe he was going to be when he was older- Learning he will be apprenticed she wishes Joe dressed? When Mrs. Joe hears the news she goes on a rampage ?to meet Joe Miss H asked?himse;f in his Sunday clothes and headed w/ Pip to Miss H’s house questions and when they were leaving handed Joe 25 guineas (this was Pip’s Sometimes Joe was?premium) Chapter 12 Setting: At the forge we meet Orlick Orlick- Joe’s?taught by Pip out in the marshes; Joe never remembered anything Pip was?journeyman- a person who works for a master worker- not an apprentice Orlick and Pip’s sister?granted a day so Orlick complained and also got one Mr.?got in a fight; Pip again visited Miss H w/ Mr. Wopsle accomping him Wopsle meets up w/ pip and says that his sister was knocked down by a tremendous blow on the back of her head Chapter 13 Setting: At home; After Mrs. Joe is No goods were taken from the house; at the time?struck down, Biddy takes over A convicts leg iron was?when this happened Joe was at the Three Jolly Bargemen ? Pip figures the guilty person was either the convict or Orlick ?by his sister Orlick was always?Pip helped his sister by taking command s off a slate On Pip’s b-day he visited Miss H, and she gave him a?visiting w/ Mrs. Joe At home Pip told Biddy he wanted to be a gentlemen Chapter 14 Setting:?guinea Mr. Jaggers- a lawyer- has a?In the village; Pip receives remarkable news Jaggers offers Pip to be his guardian paid?private conference w/ Pip and Joe Pip was also given money to buy new clothes Chapter 15?for by a unknown person pip went to Mr.?Setting: At the scenes of his childhood; Pip says goodbye Biddy made Pip breakfast and they all said?Trabb, a tailor, to buy clothes The?good-bye Chapter 16 Setting: In london; We meet Jaggers again and Wemmick Wemmick, Jaggers? Jaggers office was in Little Britain ?journey was 5 hours clerk takes Pip to Barnard’s Inn, where he meets …


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