Grapes Of Wrath By Steinbeck

Grapes Of Wrath By Steinbeck In the beginning of the chapter the book Steinbeck discusses the earth. It tells how dry the soil is and how even walking stirred up a dust cloud. It tells how the people have adapted such as wearing mask and goggles to protect the air they breathe. The people were devastated by the dust storms that block out the sun and the stars. The land is dry and cracked, the crops are withered and dieing; much like the peoples spirits.

Chapter 2 The chapter starts out at a truck stop. Steinbeck implies the importance of a truck stop to truckers. It provides a driver conversation and entertainment with people. The workers are to the driver a distant family. Truck stops provide companionship with people in the same industry and know what it feels like.

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This is where Steinbeck introduces Tom Joad. Tom and the driver are both dressed in new clothes but, unlike the driver Toms clothes came from McCalaster. McCalaster is a prison where he spent four years, in punishment for homicide. Tom was at the truck stop looking for a ride. He sat on the running board of a rig, until the driver came out.

Tom questioned if the owner of the truck would actually stop him from giving Tom a ride. The driver gave in and let Tom ride along. Chapter 3 This chapter was first about the dry grasses along a highway, and then about a turtle. I think the significance of the turtle in the chapter is to show that all living things must keep moving to survive. Also, to show that there are two types of people in this world, kind people and mean people.

When the turtle was on the road a lady tried to miss hitting the turtle. While a man swerved to hit it; thus flipping the turtle over on his back. The turtle struggled back on to his stomach and continued on. Chapter 4 Tom was walking down a gravel road on his way home and picked up a turtle as a present for his brother and sister. As he went along he grew tired from the hot Oklahoma sun and stopped at a tree along the road and met an old friend named Jim Casy.

Jim used to be a preacher but, had lost the calling. Now Jim just bummed around the area and theorized about life. The only information Jim was able to give Tom, was that things were changing and people were leaving, due to the drought. In the end of the chapter Jim decided to go with Tom to his old house to visit. Chapter 5 The chapter discussed a political monster. Steinbeck talked about the banks and how the banks ordered the people off the land.

The men could do nothing. The wanted to rotate the crops but, they were out of time. There was nothing left that they could do. The corporations were the monsters and the banks worked for the corporations. The banks sent out tractors at the corporate commands.

They sent tractors to till the soil and make it into one big field, plowing over anything it the way; and the families fled. Chapter 6 Tom and Casy went to the house and found it deserted. The house was leaning and knocked off its foundation. The tools were gone, the water trough dry and cracked and the well dry. There was cotton planted right up around the house where there never was any before.

The only thing that was left was a gray cat. As they sat on the porch a man came along, just walking created a huge cloud of dust. The mans name was Muley graves, he had lost his farm also but decided to stay. Tom was lucky that Muley stopped, Muley explained how a man came and told them kindly to get off the land and the man was sorry but it wasnt his decision. He also brought along rabbits that they cleaned and ate for dinner. After dinner a deputy showed up, and they ran out to the cotton field and hid.

The deputy would not come out in the field, because Muley had hit him one time. After the deputy left they went down by the creek and slept in a shallow cave. Chapter 7 The chapter discusses the car sales men. It talks about how they take up peoples time then make them feel bad so they will buy something. Or how they will put saw dust in the rear end and make them sound good.

The salesmen are making huge profits buying cars for $10 then selling them for $75. The people buy them because they are desperate for transportation to California. The people will buy a car, cut off the back and make it into a truck, then pile people on all in their great despair. Chapter 8 In the morning Tom and Jim walk to Uncle Johns house, where everyone is staying. They walk up on the yard quietly, and as they grow closer they see the men working and loading a truck. Tom first meets his father, at first his father did not realize it was him; but, when he did he was over joyed.

They went into the house and reunited with his mother. Everyone was asking him if he busted out of prison, but Tom was paroled. Toms grandparents kept saying “Praise god for victory!” The family was leaving in the morning to go to California. Tom, decided to violate his parole and go with them to California. They sold everything they owned and bought a car and turned it into a truck.

They were going to a better place, to pick fruit in California. Chapter 9 The depression wore on, and the tenant farmers sold everything they had for half the value. It was all they could get for their things. They sat there in despair, with unknowing eyes. They piled in the trucks and cars and fled the only home any of them had ever known. Chapter 10 The following morning the Joad family left, taking Casy with them and leaving Muley at the old house.

They gave him a few chickens to eat, and he told them that he would look after the place. The night before they butchered two hogs and salted them down for food on the trip. Al Joad was in charge of driving and maintaining the truck, all the responsibility was on him. He knew that if anything happened to the truck that he would have to take the blame. John on the other hand took on a different approach.

Years before his wife had died from an appendicidice, and he took the blame for not getting her to a doctor in time. When the guilt grew to heavy he would go out and get drunk. Grandpa had been looking forward to the trip until it was time to leave. He refused to go so they gave him a strong cough surpe and it made him drunk. After they got him settled down they were off to California.

Chapter 11 Now the houses were left vacant and completely abandoned. When a small little rain fell grass grew up where there was never any before. The grass grew in between the boards in the porch and the doors swung open. The families were gone from the land they once loved. Chapter 12 The Joad family is just one of many families on route 66, driving their jalopies west in hope of a better life. Along the way people discourage the families and tell them to go back. They say that the prices are not worth the drive out there.

The families are forced to pay double for what they need. Tires are a fortune and some places charge for water. The money is limited but, they have to pay the price Chapter 13 Al concentrated only on the car and listened to it with his whole body. The family pulled into a gas station and the man at the gas station thought they didnt have any money. The man was also poor because he kept giving hand outs. The man wore old clothes and a paper hat.

He kept saying “Whats it all comin to?” At the gas station the family dog was hit by a car. In a way it was a relief that they would not have to feed him but, he was killed right in front of the kids. Grandpa was not getting better, and died of a seizure. The family did not have enough money for a death certificate, so they buried him along the campsite where they were staying. It was illegal but, they did not have $40 extra so they wrote a note saying who he was and when and why he died.

Chapter 14 In this chapter the Joad family meet the Wilsons. The Wilsons were from Arkansas. The Joad family met them, and were camped along side them when grandpa died. They decided to team up together since the Wilsons didnt have much food. The Wilsons would follow the Joads to California.

This was the only way that the Joads could show appreciation for the Wilsons. Grandpa had died in their tent using their blanket, and they just wanted to show hospitality to the Wilsons. Chapter 15 The chapter discussed the people trying to make a living selling food to-go. The people are also trying to make a living, but the business does not have the money to spend. Others that do have the money spend it on entertainment.

They listen to music and go to shows, but those are the lucky and there are few. Chapter 16 As they went along the Wilsons car broke down and they found out it was a connecting rod. The rest of the family went ahead to a camp ground while Tom, Al and Casy stayed behind to go back to the nearest town and buy the part. Tom and Al went back to a junk yard and met a man with one eye. The man complained that he could never get a date and he did not have much to eat.

Tom, got mad at him and told him to get cleaned up and put a patch over his eye. The man just felt sorry for himself. The man did give them a good deal plus they bought a flash light and a socket wrench. Then they went back and fixed the car and went on ahead to the camp. A man at the camp told them that there was no work in California but, they didnt let that discourage them.

Chapter 17 As the families moved along, they created their own system of rules. Rules of not intruding on other peoples privacy and to be quiet at night while in camp. It also discussed how the families grew a custom to building their tents each night and tearing them down in the morning. How at first they were unsturdy and as time went on they grew to be not only sturdy but suitable living spaces. Chapter 18 The family was now crossing the last part of Arizona and was doing so by driving at night. At the border of Arizona they were stopped and questioned by a state trooper as to how long they planned on staying.

They were trying to discourage long stays because they did not want migrant …


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