Grand theft auto

This is a pretty boring mission, make sure you have no wanted level otherwise you will have to get rid of it at the pay and spray, park in the blue circle and honk your horn. Three guys come out and get into your car, so take them to the radar dot which is the bank. You will hear a gunshot and some screams, then an alarm. Drive the nearby alley and get the police bribe to take your wanted level down, and then head to the pay and spray to get rid of the rest of the wanted level and head back to the blue circle you picked them up at. They will get out and you will get a mission complete.
This is ANOTHER easy mission. What is with this game and easy missions. Oh
well. Drive towards the dot on the radar in the limo. She will exit the
limo and talk to Chico, a drug dealer. He tells her there is a party at East
Atlantic Quays, so she gets back in and tells you to take her there. Go to
the new blip on your radar and make sure your car is facing the road. The
game will switch to SWAT van view and you will hear they are raiding the party.
The security will start having a gunfight with the cops, and Maria runs out
to the limo. You get a wanted level of two, so drive through the gunfight
running over anyone who gets in your path. Go to Salvatore’s house and park
in the garage. Mission Complete
This is a little bit of a hard mission because of the stupid spook meter.
Oh well, about time. Head to Luigi’s club in a car, make sure you’re back
far enough so the spook meter doesn’t go up, but you can still see the car.
The car doesn’t appear on the radar, so stay within sight of it. When it
stops, back up or the spook meter will go up. Follow him to the docks and
then you will learn he is the squealer. Run him over and you will complete
the mission. Another way to do this is push the taxi he takes home out of
the way and get in your own taxi. You will then have to take him to the docks,
which will make the mission a lot easier because you do not have to deal with
that stupid spook meter thing.

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