God: Triune in Essence and Actuality

The term stress is a common-language term applied to many kinds of common scenarios. Phrases such as “that stresses me out”, “Stress caused the fracture on the back hanger”, and “she suffered a stress fracture of her finger” pretty much all say the same kind of thing: some force outside of tolerable limits has caused a catastrophic failure in a component, element, or system of one degree or another.

Stress from the point of view of a UB student, however, revolves more around everyday occurrences that, when in abundance, tend to really irritate people. This increasing irritation can easily lead to stress. You can tell when you are suffering from stress when you begin to feel like shredding your schoolwork into little pieces, screaming, pulling out your hair, or even pulling out someone else’s hair, et cetera.
The leading source of stress seems to be caused by people that expect you to perform many tasks or assignments in a less amount of time than reasonable. Knowing that you have to sit down in front of a stack of papers the whole night while your friends are out having lots of fun can be stressful. Stress can become very potent when you are halfway through your second excruciatingly boring homework assignment out of four, when your friend calls you on his cell phone and says “Hey, we’re coming to pick you up to go party.” and have to say “Damn, I really need to get this work done.”
Sure all of this stress can be very stressful, but don’t worry; there is a quick and simple cure for it. All you have to do is say “Screw it.” And go have fun. Go party, skate, sleep, go play an RPG, whatever. Forget all about your responsibilities and enjoy yourself. This will remedy stress, but will [usually] do nothing productive with your college life, so it would be better for you to find your own method of coping with stress.

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