Getting You Own Place is Not Such a Great Idea Arg

umentative Persuasive EssaysGetting You Own Place is Not Such a Great Idea

When you turn the independent age of eighteen, you are considered an adult. You can vote, gamble, join the military, and be considered responsible for your own actions. Along with the responsibility of turning eighteen, you can move out of your parent’s home and be on your own.

The decision to move out on your own is a big one. You need to make sure that you are financially stable to support yourself, paying your bills and expenses that come along with living on your own. What about furnishings for your new place? Those come with a price tag too.

When I turned eighteen, I wanted to move out on my own. My best friend Sandra and I began the search for an apartment. After a few months we found a cute two-bedroom duplex in Rock Falls. We began to purchase items, which were not cheap to furnish our apartment. We had not realized how expensive furniture, dishes, silverware, curtains, towels, and other furnishings cost. Once all of our furnishings were purchased, we began to move our things into the apartment.

We signed a three-month lease on our apartment. A three-month lease is very unusual. Most landlords have leases for a year or more. Breaking the lease would cost us our deposit and a few extra months’ rent.

Shortly after moving into my new apartment, my friend Sandra’s boyfriend, John, moved in with us. Once he moved in things began to go downhill. Sandra and John had seemingly forgotten how to cook or clean up after themselves. I had to clean up our apartment daily without any help from Sandra or John. They began to have parties on weeknights, stayed up late, and were very noisy while I was trying to sleep. Not to mention, they did not clean up after their parties. I did. Once the third month on our lease was up, I had enough. Enough of cleaning up after everyone, my roommates not paying their share of the bills, and disrespect from my roommates towards me. I had spoken to my friend several times regarding the issues I had; she refused to listen. I finally gave my friend a choice: her boyfriend, or me. She chose her boyfriend, and I moved out.

If you plan on moving out with a friend, make sure that the friend is dependable and financially stable. You discover a lot of things you never knew about people when you live with them–some good, most bad. Remember, sometimes it is better to live with your parents than to live with a friend and end up losing that friend.

Shortly after moving out of our apartment, I found my own place. Living on your own is not as great as it seems. It may seem great not living under your parents’ roof, listening to their rules, and having them nag at you, but there is a flip side: bills and expenses. First you have to consider your monthly rent payment, then your utility bills, groceries, credit card payments, and on top of all that your car payment. Not to mention the responsibility that comes with living on your own. Your mother is no longer there to clean up after you, wash your laundry, or cook for you. All that is your responsibility now. Once all the expenses and responsibilities are considered, living on your own is not as great as it initially seems.
I am able to live on my own and pay my expenses by working two jobs during the summer months. I work a full-time job from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and work part-time during evenings and weekends. I am able to save up enough money during the summer to pay my bills during the school year. By doing this it means no vacations, no time for swimming, boating, and other fun summer activities.

When I lived at home I only purchased brand-name items. I would only wear Guess, Tommy


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