Geometry In Nature

GEOMETRY IN NATURE SPHERES: A Sphere is an object shaped so that all points on its surface are the same distance from a center point. Number 1: THE EARTH The Earth is a sphere due to its shape. The earth is shaped this way to assist in axis rotation plus the shape is needed to keep the earth in its orbit around the sun. Number 2/Number 3: FRUIT Fruit is shaped like a sphere to ensure overall ripening of the fruit. Number 4: BUBBLES Bubbles can be found in ponds from air rising from the bottom.

They are spherical in shape to help in moving freely. Number 5: PEARLS Pearls are spherical because the sand accumulates equally around the grain of sand. SYMMETRY: Symmetry is exact matching of parts on opposite sides. Number 6: LADYBUG Ladybugs are symmetrical in their coloring. This is used as a camouflage mechanism. Number 7: STARFISH A starfish shape is symmetrical for enhanced movement through the water.

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Number 8: SNOWFLAKE The shape of a snowflake is symmetrical due the water crystal freezing. Number 9: LEAF A leaf is symmetrical to ensure that all parts of the leaf receives water, sunlight and nutrients from the stem or trunk equally. Number 10: BUTTERFLY A butterfly is symmetrical to enhance its flying abilities otherwise if one wing were smaller it would fly in circles.


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