Genetic Enhancement

Genetic Enhancement Complaining about What is scarring people in these days is the possibility of cloning discoveries. At this point the question is: how this discovery will affect our society? And what is the scientists goal?. We all are worried about this discovery because what come out from scientists it is not really reassuring. Even scientists dont know what will be the long- terms effects of playing with genes if they might have bad results on patient’s descendants. Moreover, by altering the natural course of nature on people, making them thinner, healthier we might increase marginalizazion and discrimination of people who cant or just dont want to be genetically enhanced. In response to pressure from society, We should stop and think before allowed scientists to go on without strict controls.

All the attention these days to concerns about human cloning has pushed other controversial areas of medical science into shadows. The first attempts are to carry out genetic enhancement in humans could soon be under way. The goal of genetic enhancement is not to treat people with diseases or abnormalities, but to make healthy people more attractive. To do so, it would employ the recombinant- DNA techniques from monocular biology that emerged in the 1970s. This permits scientists to remove individual genes from one organism and introduce them into another, even on another species. Although we belief that The therapy aims to overcome health problems by giving the effected individuals the normal- or functioning- gene.

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Allowing genetic enhancement in more than a few very special cases poses real problems. First, the risks to the patient at present are very great compared with the possible benefits. We sill know very little about how they act- a single gene can have multiple effects in different parts of the body. Moreover, genes do not act alone: the ire effects are amplified, demitted, or counterbalanced by others genes in ways that we do not understand. We might be willing to expose a patient to great risks to treat grave disease.

Subjecting someone risk is ethically unacceptable if the person seeking treatment is healthy. Second, genetic enhancement may pose risks to others, particularly to patient’s offspring. We do not know whether gene therapy might contaminate the genetic material of the gonads. Because of this, genetic enhancement might create serious enhancement unacceptably high when weighed against the possible benefits. Genetic enhancement might reinforce irrational societal prejudices. People who do not wish to be genetically enhanced eventually night be marginalized or suffer discrimination.

We should not simply throw up hands and lament that nothing can be done to stop genetic enhancement. Instead, we need to decide what enhancements we consider unacceptable, and to prevent their use. A helpful model is the moratorium that scientists imposed on themselves in the early 197s, when they had just discovered how to manipulate genetic material trough recombinant DNA techniques. If we do not establish some guidelines now, we are likely to find ourselves focusing only on the short term interests of an individual patient. Allowing the anxieties and biases of the moment to blur our judgement.

Nor should we leave decisions about genetic enhancement to the whims of the market place or in the hands of patients or families. This may be too easily swayed by messages in the media about what standards of appearance, and behavior are acceptable. We need to decide what enhancements we consider unacceptable, and prevent their use. Furthermore sometimes we forget the real importance of a human life, too often scientists treat human as animals because of their experiments. We all want to live in a good world preferably without any kind of illness, but if this means destroy our nature may be is time to think watts we are doing and were we are going to end. Medicine exists since the humane race exists, but in the past was different; it was an armless medicine created in order to take care of real ill people.

On the other hand whiteout out the progress in medicine we wont survey in this way. We can certainly affirm that we have a cure for almost everything: beginning from the fever and ending. Bibliography .personal notes.


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