Gender Inequities In The Classroom

Gender Inequities In The Classroom GENDER INEQUITIES MEDIA REVIEW WEB PAGE REVIEW The material on Gender Inequities that I found is a web page that discusses strategies to reduce or eliminate gender inequities in Science. It is basically a list of tactics discussing techniques on how to help girls overcome their anxieties in science. This web page came from the NCREL Internet site which stands for North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. This Internet site offers easy to find, concise, research-based information on school improvement. The Gender Inequities webpage gives good information on how to make girls feel equal when dealing with Science.

This would be a good webpage for teachers who are involved in the science curriculum, especially those who are having trouble getting girls more involved in the subject. This is also a good webpage for parents to help them understand the problems that their daughter may be having in school, and what they can do about it. The strategies that this web page discusses how to hold girls to high expectations in science classes and encourage girls to take these classes, because they are just as capable as boys. This web page is commendable because it is very informative, yet very simple and only takes a minute to read. It is a good reference to have in the classroom to help reduce Gender Bias in the Sciences.

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If an instructor is having trouble getting girls involved in their science classes, this is something they should defiantly read. I would recommend schools to use this list in their curriculum in the future to help educate teachers as well as parents and students on how to reduce the Gender Bias that is affecting many girls in their Science classes. Many girls seem to think that in Science and Math, they just do not add up to the boys intellectually. As false as this may be, it is still a reoccurring problem Sociology Issues.


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