Galileos Condemnation

Galileo’s Condemnation As anyone person reads the files from the condemnation of Galileo Galilei they are immediately flabbergasted by the continuity of the churchs corrupted files. Galileo was very different than men in his time; he looked further than the bible. Science has a legitimate of freedom in its own sphereGalileos freedom was violated. Even though church was very powerful during Galileos life it overused its power to protect its own security. Galileo showed similarities in knowledge compared with the great Roman and Greek philosophers.

This had not been apparent for thousands of years throughout the Dark Ages. During the time when Galileo was involved in his studies Galileo visited Rome and the Pope on many occasions. The long hike from his town would often take weeks and would keep him away from his experiments and studies. In 1633 Galileo was finally tried, and found guilty for heresy. Galileo was sentenced to be put under house arrest for the rest of his life after being forced to publicly admit he had made a mistake towards his theories and observations.

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Galileo feared torture and even the death sentence throughout the whole injunction. As he left the courtroom Galileo spoke: And yet it moves. He couldnt have put it better. These were his last publicized words. Before Galileos trail there were many loop-holes in the churchs case against Galileo.

On February 26 1616 Galileo was given a friendly warning stating nothing to do about the injunction or for him to suspend his teachings. Cardinal Bellarmine assured Galileo in writing that he wouldnt have to stop teaching, and that there was no injunction. The church said that they did tell Galileo to stop his teaching officially but Galileo, a notary or the Dominican fathers never signed the final document. Therefore the document was fraudulent. After this private audience was recorded and then published the report said nothing of the injunction nor that Galileo should suspend his teaching on the subject. When the recorded document was brought to the churchs attention the date was written on the backside of the next dated page.

This is very unusual for such a serious and formal case. Finally in 1633 Galileo was tried and convicted for heresy the final document to this day has never been signed by 3 of the 10 cardinals. Ignorance towards Galileo was very prevalent during his studies in the scientific field. The church always was putting the dark shadow upon the scientific research of Galileo. Galileo was the sole inventor of the water pump and had it patented in the University of Padua. He had also created an 8 level telescope in which he saw the moons revolving around Saturn. This was the evidence needed to prove that the universe was not geocentric.

As Galileo was an inventor he was also a good Samaritan. Galileo achieved Chief of math in Pisa, respected by scientific community, received math award from university of Padua, and an overall help at the University of Padua. The church still cast their shadow of hate on brilliant Galileo. Galileo was getting respect across Europe as he came to the hypothesis of: Bodies in motion would continue unless some form of resistance was introduced. All of the brilliant work that Galileo had produced had been severed at the head when he was sentenced to Condemnation in 1633.

The Catholic Church brought down one of the greatest men in scientific history. With the overuse of power the Church destroyed Galileos reputation by forcing him to publicly admit he had made mistakes in his scientific research. All because Galileo had challenged the authority of the bible. Galileos condemnation was completely unjust and unexcitable. His theories in general were correct, and in todays society Galileo’s research is respected throughout the scientific community.

The church and science did not mix yet the church had the power. This power was forced upon Galileo and in the churchs eyes his opinion was not respected. After Cardinal Bellermine had died in 1621 Caccini who had been against Galileo from his first writings received Bellermines power over Galileo. Caccini, who had gone to Rome in 1615 trying for movement on the injunction of Galileo now, had the upper hand. The Pope had dismissed this case due to his fabricated testimony.

Galileo was not only a threat to the Catholic Church but they also feared his knowledge. Galileo was told, unofficially, to stop his preaching. When Galileo was finally tried for heresy in 1633 he was sick, tired, and hungry not sure of what law he had broken. As Galileo feared death, torture, and/or imprisonment he entered the courtroom to face new evidence and faulty papers. He had not only been unfamiliar with the papers he had not signed these important documents. Under the power of the church and the fear of his own life Galileo dismissed all theories that he had accomplished in his 69 years of life.

Fear of the church guided Galileos decisions as he was forced into Condemnation. Galileo reached his death bead 9 years later and passed on to a better place.


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