F a r O f f P r o m i s e —————————————————————————– Evolution 2 : Far Off Promise version 1.1 Last updated: 26th of September 2000 Created by: Clement Chan Zhi Li E-mail address: emailprotected Website: http://www.sonicera.cjb.net —————————————————————————– —————– Table of Contents —————– *1 Introduction *1 1.1 About Evolution 2: Far Off Promise 1.2 Copyright info 1.3 Review *2 Basic Information *2 Reasghas
F a rO f fP r o m i s e
Evolution 2 : Far Off Promise version 1.1
Last updated: 26th of September 2000
E-mail address: emailprotected
Website: http://www.sonicera.cjb.net
1.1 About Evolution 2: Far Off Promise 1.2 Copyright info
2.1 Controls 2.2 Menu 2.3 Battle Menu 2.4 Saving
3.1 Beginning 3.2 Day Two: Blaze Ruins
3.3 Day Three: Forest Depths 3.4 Day Four: Crypt Maze
3.5 Day Five: Carcano 3.6 Day Six: Yurka
4.1 Appraisal Items 4.2 Talents
*6* Cheats, Secrets and Tricks *6*
Hi! I’m Clement Chan and this is yet another Guide I’ve written, after the
exciting RPG called Evolution. I hope this guide will help you a lot through
the game, fighting bosses and etc. as some of them may be confusing and
I hate to say this but my FAQ will contain spoilers, which mean, that some
of the story line will be exposed at certain parts. Read this only if you are
really, really stuck or just want to know the whole walkthrough.
Feel free to e-mail me anytime you like. You may send your comments,
critics, information that is not available on this walkthrough. I will give
you an immediate reply because there are times I’m busy with exams.
Take note to AOL users. I’ve spend three times replying to them and all I
got is a return mail from the server. This happen to some of the AOL users
because they may have restricted their mails and etc. so I MAY NOT be able to
reply to you BUT I will credit you for any information you give.
1.1 About Evolution 2 : Far Off Promise
This time, Sting surprises us again with Evolution 2, supposedly a sequel
for Evolution. The first version, which is in Japanese is released a few
months after Evolution and the english version for Evolution 2 was in the
As this game is an RPG, most of you will already know the basic concept for
all RPGS. You know, HP, MP, magic and the usual battle system against all
enemies but this game has slightly different concept, to have FP, TP and
Whatever it is, this game is longer than Evolution with a story line
targeted on Linear with one extra character, Carcano the bandit together with
Mag, Linear, Chain, Gre and Pepper. This Dreamcast game uses Dreamcast’s
hardwares and they function really well. A really exciting RPG after
This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Clement Chan Zhi Li. You can distribute this FAQ
as long as its contents are not changed. No. Not even a single letter.

Only Clement Chan Zhi Li can make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any
unauthorized changes and updates without my permission is prohibited by law.

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If you want to put parts of this FAQ publicly, at least write down the name
of this FAQ and the owner’s name (mine) together. One more word, don’t even
send parts of this Guide to other FAQs and write it as your own. I will soon
Evolution 2: Far Off Promise, names of characters, and others are Copyright
If you want to get this game or still doubt Evolution 2’s capabilities, read
this review and decide on your hard-earned money whether this game meets your
Evolution 2 stands out completely as a terrifically cool sequel to its older
brother, Evolution. Despite many bashes it got from many other reviews, it’s
actually one game that I find extremely exciting with an intriguing story
line which made you want to know more about it. Furthermore, lots of new
special features which made Evolution 2 a more fun game to play.

What can you say about the graphics? They’re interestingly cool with sharper
and clearer graphics compared to Evolution. Very detailed graphics, colourful
pictures and scenery, added with nice, modeled background make this game
better. The rendered characters


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