Full System Design

Design specification:
The information, which will be contained on this site, will resemble the following description:
? Home page:
The home page will contain a basic welcome telling the user what is available on the site. This will be contained in a frame. There will be a link to the universitys own homepage for those who want information on the academic side as well as on other issues which do not come under the categorys mentioned in the requirements statement and elicitation design. There will also be other links also contained in another frame, which remains no matter what page is accessed. The links will take the user to the following pages:
? Accommodation:
There will be an introduction to how the accommodation system works.
This page will contain further links to:
1. Halls of residence.

2. Private accommodation.
3. Contacts of real estate agents and other housing associations.

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4. Information on accommodation for visits.

5. A map with the halls of residence and areas of private accommodation highlighted.

Each link from one to four will have details of facilities, cost, amenities and transport. More links will be added as needed to the halls of residence, private accommodation and visiting accommodation, which will be categorized under a cost range or another more economical category.

? Student Support:
This page will have an introduction and further links to:
1. Health services.

2. Counseling and advisory services.

3. Learning services.

4. Financial support.

There will be further links depending on the bulk of information.

? Sports/recreation:
This link will give information about the different sporting clubs and events together with timings as well as how and where to join. It will also give information on other clubs and organizations not only in the University but also around the Glasgow area. This will also highlight the different tourist areas and scenic places to visit. Again, further links will be used to enhance the
Organization and presentation of the information. There will be a direct link to the
GUSA homepage so that the users have access to all the information.
? Nightlife:
This link will give information about the two unions including events, times and other facilities in them. Other information will be on pubs, clubs, other forthcoming events and restraunts around Glasgow. A map will also be presented pointing out the most popular areas. There will also be information on transport.

Main features of user interface:
The site will be constructed in basic HTML 4 because it is the most commonly and widely supported system and will be the easiest method of ensuring a large user population.

The user interface I have constructed also plays an important part in making the site easy to use and fast to download. I have used a common layout throughout nearly all the site except for some minor changes here and there. The layout consists of a frame with all the links inside it, which does not change at all. This also reduces the scope for errors, as a click on the link will get the user back to the page they want. As well as this, I refrained from using Java or Shockwave elements because of the downside of it, which I reported earlier. Leaving these elements out meant that there was not a long time to wait to get the page loaded and the fact that not all browsers support them was not an issue.

I made sure that the writing was bright with a paler background so that it was visually pleasing and easy to read especially for if the user was disabled, for example, partially blind. I also made sure that the words were in a simple font and easy to read for the same purpose or even incase the user was colour blind.
I felt that there was no need for a help page because if the browser does not find a page it displays an error message anyway and if I were to include any graphic links then I would present a prompt above it. The added security of all the links on every page means that there is no chance of the user getting lost or what most novice users find difficult finding their way back. The only other thing apart from the link frame with the main links will be a large easy to see back button which will give additional help and ease to get to the pages that are wanted. This back button will also remain on all the pages.


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