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ry College Admissions EssaysThe Study of History

My interest in the study of history dates back to my early days at Queen Elizabeth II High School, Isle of Man. I was fascinated by the study of the Roman Empire that I undertook during my first year. Fuelled by enthusiastic teaching my interest developed, and I became particularly interested in my GCSE history course that was concerned with the Cold War period. My interest in modern political history has continued into the sixth form, and, in particular, the breakdown of communism in the USSR and Eastern Europe, and area that I intend to explore in my Extended Essay.

The breadth that the I.B. offered attracted me and I applied for and obtained a scholarship to Gigglesworth College, one of the few U.K. schools to teach the I.B. Since my move to Gigglesworth, I have begun to read more deeply and understand more completely what the study of history entails. My enjoyment of reading and interest in the subject has deepened as I have read Gorbachev by Martin McCauley and some of A.J.P.Taylor’s essays. The literary element of my IB course led me to read 1984 by George Orwell, and I found this book a fascinating bridge between history and English. My enjoyment of these and other books has led me to apply to read history at university. My interest in historical study has also been stimulated by my Theory of Knowledge course, a study of philosophy and of the way in which Knowledge has developed. I have been able to investigate the writings of Karl Marx from a philosophical point of view. It is this type of study that makes the IB such a positive and different course, and from a personal viewpoint, I have found the IB to intellectually stimulating and my academic interests have certainly expanded during the past year.

I also enjoy debating and I am a keen member of the Gigglesworth College debating society where I have been able to sharpen my historical arguments and skills. I was recently invited to join the Wheeler-Bennett society – a society which allows pupils to exchange ideas and present group discussion papers. My paper on Democracy increased my knowledge of political matters and enabled me to defend my views in open forum. Also, my abilities in history were recognised at Gigglesworth when I was awarded the Martin History prize at the end of my first year.

I was elected Head of House after two terms. I enjoy sport and have participated in 1st team Rugby, Cricket and Soccer. I have also represented the Isle of Man at Rugby, Cricket and Table Tennis. I am currently in the process of completing my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award having already obtained my Silver. I have completed the expedition part of my Gold Award near St.Gervais in the French Alps and for my residential part of the award I spent a week of my summer holidays aboard the Greater Manchester Challenge, a sail training yacht. Another of my interests is music and I have played the guitar in a variety of bands. The folk group, of which I was a member, won an Isle of Man competition. At Gigglesworth, I organised a rock concert in aid of the Mozambique Flood Appeal. I am also preparing a CD that will be sold in aid of MENCAP and I work as a volunteer with Stauros, an organisation working with people with addiction problems.

I intend to take a Gap year and travel to Eastern Europe having obtained a qualification in teaching English. My intention would be to teach English to the students whilst sampling the culture of Eastern Europe, an area of rapid political and social change. After that the Law, academia or the Civil Service are all possibilities but, as with the I.B, I would like to keep my options open and in the mean time concentrate on obtaining my history degree.


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