Victor Frankenstein as a Child Abuser
In today’s court I am going to convict Victor Frankenstein in many murders. He created a being that destroyed the lives of innocent people. Frankenstein never considered how such a creature with a horrifying appearance would be able to exist with humans. He didn’t take responsibility for his creature; instead Frankenstein abandoned, neglected, and abused his creature. He never realized that the lack of parental love and guidance would lead the creature to a murderous path. Moreover, Frankenstein kept in secret his creature’s existence and chose not to reveal it to his family and friends. By doing so, he jeopardized the lives of his loved ones and put them in danger. With my evidence and supports, I am going to prove that Victor Frankenstein, as a parent, is responsible for the creature’s actions causing the deaths of his friends and family.

By violating the laws of nature, Victor Frankenstein tried to discover “the cause of generation and life,” and “became . . .capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter” (Shelley 68). Days and nights Victor was occupied with his experiment. He forgot about his family and could not see anything beyond his experiment. Victor said that he had “lost all soul or sensation but for this one pursuit” (70). He had “worked nearly two years for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body” (72). During these two years Victor became selfish and had no contact with his parents, Elizabeth and William, who were impatiently waiting for a letter from there loved one. In her letter to Victor, Elizabeth writes; “Yet one word from you, dear Victor, is necessary to calm our apprehensions” (68).

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Victor made the decision to give life to a being without considering the possible consequences of creating life. After “incredible labor and fatigue” Victor finally accomplished his goal (71). He created a life without any consideration and the only purpose for him was to have supreme power. Victor brought the creature into the world and did not accept his creation. Horrified by his creature, Victor abandoned him. Victor said: “Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I escaped” (85). At this point we see how Victor rejected his responsibilities for his child. He never questioned where his abandoned child was and he even wished that the creature were dead.

Victor kept a secret about the creation of his monster from everyone; even his best friend Henry. This decision led to the destruction of his family. William was the monster’s first victim. A few months after the creation of the monster, William was found murdered a small child still in his prime. Though the murderer was supposedly deduced to be Justine, Victor Frankenstein knew the real murderer was his creation. Victor’s silence led to the execution of the innocent Justine.Victor didn’t want to say to the judges that Justine is innocent…he was silent. Victor only said: “I believed in her Justine innocence; I knew it. Could the daemon who had (I did not far a minute doubt) murdered my brother also in his hellish sport have betrayed the innocent death and ignominy?” (91).

The creature should not be blamed and be held responsible for his actions and misfortunate, for he had no control over his misfortunes. He was brought into the world with no one to give him knowledge, support, and guidance. He was completely deserted by his creator. When he tried to make friends, everyone either ran away from him or tried to kill him. When he saved a little girl from drowning, he was shot (118). He provided firewood daily for the De Lacey family, and they regarded him as “a good spirit” (88). Yet when they saw this “good spirit,” they deserted their house and the monster, and never came back. Felix ” dashed me the creature to the ground and struck me him violently with a stick” (96). The being was given no choices regarding these incidents. His rejection and misfortune was not caused by his actions, but rather his appearance, a physical trait that he could not change. The creature’s problem was that he was ugly and deformed. He did not


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