Fran Dorn Analysis

Fran Dorn could be characterized as intelligent, clever, and inviting. In the first few episodes of the film, she explains much about her personal thoughts and attitudes toward literature. Dorn has a very demure understanding of things, and very profound outlook of the written word. The introductory episode allows her to describe the exceptional background she has with literature, appearing in theatrical productions, and on Broadway.

Keeping that in mind, she obviously has had some extensive experience with prose
-through only reading- but by acting it out on stage.

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Literature is a very special topic to Miss Dorn as she explains in an anecdote. The day of receiving her master’s degree from New York University she bought herself a book to celebrate. The store’s clerk asked her if she cared to have it wrapped as a gift for someone. She explained that it was only for her, and the clerk wrapped it up. Since a book is something that can be read anywhere, anytime, it is something that can make us happy, sad, joyful, or afraid, it is a “truly splendid present”. Many of the other critics share her view, as was seen in the early episodes. One critic recalled an encounter with a New York cabbie that could quote Keats. Now at first glance I’m sure that man didn’t look like he could read, but literature strikes all people in different ways. The most important lesson to learned is that literature is writing that gives order, to the human experience.


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