Is it harder to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness? I think it depends on the circumstances. If someone just makes fun of you it is much easier to forgive than to ask for forgiveness because asking for forgiveness makes you look like a loser. In asking for forgiveness you also have to admit you are wrong and people don’t like to do that.

If someone does something to seriously offend you it is harder to give forgiveness. It is not harder because you look unintelligent but because you think the person is wrong and they don’t deserve it. I think that this is just because most people are arrogant and can’t give forgiveness.

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In terms of asking the church for forgiveness I think that it is easy because you are guaranteed forgiveness for your sins as long as you are repentant about them. I think that it is hard to tell the sins to a priest that you no well because they might use it against you. I think that if the church offends people it is much harder for them to forgive the church than to ask for forgiveness from them. The other time I think it is easier to ask forgiveness is from your parents because of the unconditional love they have for you.

Over all I think that it is more difficult to ask for forgiveness than to give it because people do not want to admit they were wrong and that it makes you look stupid. The only time I think that it is easier to ask for forgiveness is when you are dealing with you parents or when you are dealing with the church. But it is also hard to give forgiveness in some circumstances; consequently, they can both be difficult.



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