eth and fresher breath are not the only benefits of good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing may also help stave off diabetes, according to new studies. Details
Study: Anthrax Toll Could Have Been Worse
Medical statisticians say antibiotics given to about 5,000 people exposed in Florida, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., helped at least 17 people and perhaps as many as 50 from becoming ill with inhaled anthrax. Details
Hormonal Diabetes Treatment Shows Promise
Giving type 2 diabetics an extra dose of a naturally occurring hormone may help them fight the disease by correcting an imbalance that may be at the root of the problem, according to the results of a new, preliminary study. Details
Experts Alarmed Over Health Information on Web
The quality of health information on the worldwide web varies from the accurate and credible to the personal beliefs of unqualified people, and consumers cannot always spot the difference. researchers say. Details
TV Ads Spur Prescription Drug Sales
Television advertising, aging baby boomers and the greater use of expensive new medications drove prescription drug sales up 17.9 percent last year, a study shows. Details
Saudis Report First Uterus Transplant
Doctors in Saudi Arabia have performed the first human uterus transplant, which produced two menstrual periods before it failed and had to be removed. Details | Your Thoughts
Studies: In-Vitro Babies Have Defect Risk
Research has shown “test-tube” babies are more likely to have birth defects or low birth weight. But scientists say infertile couples shouldn’t be deterred. Details | Your Thoughts
Eye Arteries Linked to Heart Disease
A narrowing of tiny blood vessels in the eye may be a warning sign of heart disease in women.
Some experts said the finding, while still preliminary, may one day help doctors better diagnose heart trouble in women. Details | Your Thoughts
Stem Cells May Offer Hope for Organ Replacement
Donated adult stem cells, sometimes used to rebuild the blood supply of seriously ill patients, can integrate themselves throughout the body and may offer new hope for tissue repair and organ replacement, a study says. Details
Study Links Air Pollution, Lung Cancer
A new study presents the strongest evidence yet linking air pollution in many U.S. cities with fatal lung cancer. The risks are said to be comparable to


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