Fetal Tissue Implants

Fetal Tissue Implants Fetal Tissue Implants Fetal tissue implants are a very touchy subject for a lot of different people. Many people believe in them, while other people are totally against them. When you think about it, there are many different pros and cons to it, and it would be a very difficult choice if you were actually the person who needed the implant. I am completely for the implants. Fetal tissue implants are not against the law in most states. This procedure is against the law in fifteen of the states in the United States.

Even thought the operation is allowed in the rest of the states, there still laws one must abide by in order to have this procedure done. In “I Will Use My Own Fetus”, Ray Leith’s father had Parkinson’s disease, which is treatable with this procedure. Leith proposed that she would become pregnant, and then abort her baby in order for her father to get the brain to treat his illness. Her father opposed this. Many people believe that if a person has a relative with a disease that can be altered due to this procedure, they may abort an unborn child in order for the doctors to have a fetus to work with.

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Therefore, one cannot donate the aborted fetus to another member of their family, according to law. The second law is to not allow a person to receive money for donating their fetus. I believe this will keep people from becoming pregnant and aborting their babies because of wanting to. If a person has to abort their baby then she should be allowed to donate it to a needy person. The last law written is to prevent a person from becoming pregnant and deciding who they will give their unborn child’s fetus to.

People believe, just like giving their unborn child to a relative, that it is very immoral. People should not have a choice who receives their fetus, because people should only donate them if the child was not going to live to be born. If the mother is going to have a stillbirth because the child died very early in the pregnancy, then why shouldn’t that fetus be used for a good cause? That should be the only reason to donate your fetus. Women should not become pregnant if they are only going to abort it, which is why there are so many laws that you have to follow. I believe that if a child is going to die, then they should be donated to helping other people, as long as that is what the mother thinks is right.

If women choose to help a dying person out, then they should be able to do so. Science Essays.


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