Ferinheit 451

1) An even that puzzled me as I read this story is how people could be so ignorant in a world that book burning was a good thing. Books were told to have no significance to anyone and this was just accepted and no one questioned it.

2) An idea that interested me was Captain Beatty’s ignorance. He had no doubt about this world of book burning and he even spread his beliefs by sharing them with Guy Montage. He put the idea in Montage’s head that books made people smart and they didn’t need smart people in the world. Captain Beatty was a perfect example of how some people just accept what they are told or accept what happens because authorities say so.

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3) An event that some how related to my life is how sometimes I run into people who accept things they are told because an authority figure says so. That type of person shows ignorance because if the authority tells you something you don’t believe in, why not question it and stand up for yourself? People in real life are like this and it’s a problem because some people do wrong and don’t realize it. Wheter or not their doing wrong to others or not, they’re still doing wrong to themselves by going against their beliefs just to obey others.

4) Three good topics for a classroom could be why books are important to people, the control the Government has over some people, and the ignorance of people because they are afraid of their superiors. Books are important to people because without them, we wouldn’t have open minded people, imaginations, and most of all intelligence. The control the Government has over people to make the people believe whatever they want them to believe and how they always lie to us. The ignorance also plays a big role because without the ignorance of the people, the Government would not have any power. Therefore, the people play a big role in how things are run in the world.

5) I think the Author wants us to think of how important books are to us. I also think he uses books as a figure to enlighten us of how the Government tries to hold information from us, as the information contained in every book that was burned in this story.



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