Fear Gabriela Mistral has illustrated a very hole some loving protective mother in ”Fear”. If she could exchange places with the father created by Joao Guimares Rosa, ”In The Third Bank of the River”, the family specially , the sons would have never been devastated. Mistral has created a mother who truly loves her daughter. She is afraid that society will influence her daughter’s future by making her a royalty her concern is expressed when she said ”I do not want them to make my child in to a princess” (23-24 Mistral) The mother visualizes her daughters childhood with a simple life, but a very caring and loving environment. The role of the father in ” The Third Bank of the River” would change the meaning of the story, this is because the father would been someone who would give all of his life to his children.

In the story the son describes his father as ” a Dutiful, Orderly , Straightforward Man. The personality of the father with the mother from ”Fear ” would make the son very happy , because the father would of been someone who would show a genuine love for his family. This is very important knowing that he would of made the mother very happy ,because the mother in the story reflected no happiness throughout the story. She was the one that ran the house hold , but the impediment of her life was her husband. Having a partner in life with a personality of protective, caring, loving, and grateful man would of made this family very close, and the mother would of felt very happy knowing that there was someone looking out for her.

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In the story this never happened. The father left his family without any remorse. Physically he was close to them, but spiritually he never took part on any of their life. In the poem ”Fear” the mother doesn’t want her daughter to grow up and leave her. In the story written by Rosa this doesn’t happens to the son.

Unfortunately the boy blamed himself for his father’s actions. He thinks that his dad never loved him and he thinks that he left, because he wasn’t a good son. I f the son had experienced the love and support from his dad throughout his life , this would of had a big impact in his future. Life would of mean something to him, instead he blamed himself for something that he was not responsable for.


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