FDA and Merck

The FDA and Merck Vioxx Scandal
In the news recently, many different companies have been recognized for their unethical practices in their company and towards the public. One of these companies is the FDA and Merck. The FDA, the Federal Drug Administration, is one of the most trusted companies in the pharmaceutical market. This company tests different drugs and gives approval for them to be obtainable to the public. Merck is a company that creates these drugs and then has them tested by the FDA for approval. Some of the drugs that Merck has been known for are Singulair for asthma and seasonal allergic rhinitis, Fosamax for osteoporosis, Cozaar/Hyzaar for high blood pressure, Vioxx and Arcoxia for arthritis and pain, Cancidas for infections, Cosopt for glaucoma, Proscar for benign prostate enlargement, and Maxalt for migraines.
Recently, the FDA and Merck have been battling with many facilities and the public over the drug Vioxx. Vioxx was produced to help arthritis pain in patients. The FDA approved the drug that Merck produced and has been in the market for four years, and recently pulled off of it. Evidence is continuing to surface showing the FDA knowingly approved and promoted the drug, and refused to recall it after showing many health risks and deaths because of it. Evidence has also shown Merck trying to hide evidence of heart disease after the FDA has approved it.

After the FDA and Merck has lied to the public and drawn out many health risks because of drugs that they have approved, it is difficult to come up with an idea that will restore the public’s trust towards both companies. The FDA which was already one of America’s most trusted companies in the medicine industry, has lost the faith that customers always had. To regain the trust of the public, the company could have different public announcements to explain the situation and what occurred with the Vioxx scandal. They could also hire new scientists and employees that are well known with other companies. Merck, the company that produces different drugs, can help donate money to different organizations to help regain trust. Another idea is to change their name and start with a new, clean reputation. It may also be helpful for Merck to merge with another company that has a high standing with the public, to help regain trust.

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