Facts Backing up the Preamble of the Constitution

American Government
Preamble Essay
By Mike Workman
The essay we are writing about deals with the Preamble to the Constitution to the United States. It justifies whether or not the goals of the Preamble are upheld in the United States or if they are just in writing and not being enforced. Each student has to voice their own opinion on the matter and have to show evidence for they’re thinking.

The first goal of the Preamble is to form a more perfect union. The first question about this goal that we have to answer about this goal is, Are we more united now than during the Revolutionary/Colonial period? My personal opinion to this question is yes. The evidence shows that we a more united now than were. During the Revolutionary/Colonial period there were many divided opinions between the states on what they thought would form a more perfect union. The second question that has to be answered is, Are we more confident as a nation? My thinking on this question is defiantly yes. The evidence for this question is, that if were not confident as a nation we would not be so involved in world discussions if we thought that we were not confident as a nation to back them up.

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The second goal of the Preamble is to establish justice. One question than can be asked on this goal is, Are we more “just” society now than before? I think that we are a more just society than we were before because back in history it was very common for people to take the laws into there own hands for what they thought were right. The second question that we can ask is there a double standard of justice in this country? I believe there is because it has happened multiple times in our court systems that if a person has a high reputation or a lot of money they will not receive the same justice as somebody without these benefits.

The third goal is to insure domestic tranquillity. The two questions that are brought up about this goal is, does peace exist in our country? And, Are we a divided nation? My opinion to the first question is that there is definitely peace in our country. There are no major conflicts in our country that can say there is not peace in this country. My opinion and evidence to the second question is that we are not a divided nation because of the system of checks and balances ensure teamwork in our country in order to do anyting.

The fourth goal is, provide for the common defense. The main question here is has this country taken adequate steps to insure our survival against enemies. I think that my opinion on this question is as good as evidence that can be provided. My opinion on this is defiantly yes because it is clear all over the world that if you mess with the United States you will for sure loss because there is nothing more important to the United States than its freedom. The second question is, How much latitude has our government been given to accommodate these threats. Our government has been given the right to build a military for our defense and Congress has been given the right to declare war on anything that proposes a threat to our nation. I strongly agree with the power they have been given.

The fifth goal of the Preamble is, promote the general welfare. The question that has been asked many times has to be asked again to prove this goal of the Preamble. Does your government really care about the concerns of Americans? My feeling on this question is I do believe they care about the concerns of the Americans. They have checks and balances to keep any part of the government from becoming to powerful. I think that is a major concern they have dealt with for Americans.

The last goal of the Preamble is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. The question in hand here is, Do you feel assured that the liberties and freedom you now enjoy will remain with us into the future? I have no doubt in my mind that we will always have the freedom we have now. The evidence is clear that we have been in many conflicts that have threatened our freedom that we have overcome. My best example of this has to be the Civil War because, it showed that even in our own country we will not let people not have freedom that they deserve because they are American and that is there right of being one.

I hope in my writings above I have clearly stated my opinions and provided adequate evidence that will let you see my point-of-view of the goals of the Preamble. Another opinion I have is I believe the Founding Fathers were very clear about what they wanted “supreme law of the land” to mean. My over all view of the Preamble is that it is a very important document to the United States and we as Americans have been very true to it and its meaning. I know that there is not such a thing as a perfect country but, I believe that the United States would have to be the closest one in the world because we are proud of what we have and we want to keep it that way.


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