.. ravels in a year equal to 9 X 4605 million million kilometres. In accordance with Albert Einstein’s relativity theories a speed of light traveling starship would require an infinite amount of energy. Even a ship travelling at 99.99% the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, would require just as large an amount of energy, almost infinite. Regardless of these scientific restrictions to space travel of enormous distances some evidence suggest the occurrence of out of this world experiences that cannot be explained. Alien abductions as well as U.F.O sightings are among the most known evidence of human contact with extraterrestrials.

Although most abduction stories or UFO stories are proved hoaxes there are some to consider. Among most abduction stories there are signs of the E.T’s removing 6 reproductive cells, the ovum of a female human and the sperm of a male human. Some believe that these surgical procedures are done because of this alien’s race becoming infertile due to a gamma ray burst of a near by star rendering all inhabitants of their home planet sterile. Scientists find this idea very common and is even possible on Earth. A gamma ray burst has left these E.T’s in a desperate search to save their race.

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In an attempt to do so they create hybrid species, a mix of human and this alien race known as the Zeta Reticuli most widely known as the grays. Abuctees have many a time reported seeing human figures , much taller than the rest of the gray huge oval black eyed beings. They at first glance thought these people to be humans but upon closer viewing realized they had many similar facial features to the grays, their eyes were sometimes black and huge. This theory is one of the most accepted by those who believe in the existance of E.T’s on Earth. Dr.

Bruce Cornet is one such person claiming to have shared many experiences with one species of intelligent life visiting earth, he believes that there are more than one. His educational and professional experiences are as follows : He earned a B.A. in biology in 1970 and M.S. in paleobotany in 1973 at the University of Connecticut, and his Ph.D. in geology and palynology in 1977 at Penn.

State University. His professional status goes on and on as you can see this man isn’t one of the typical abductees. He seems to be a reliable source and a well educated man. This man has claimed that there are ample physical, geophysical, and photographic data collected by himself during his two and a half years of research into the UFO phenomenon to support the hypothesis that Earth is currently inhabited by more than one sentient intelligent humanoid species. ( Cornet, 1995 paragraph 16) In general he believes that his success in obtaining this data from his field investigations appears to have been deliberately planned by the non-humans as part of a long term agenda to gradually educate mankind without 7 causing harm or damage to our religious and socio-economic structures.

He believes that they want us to become of their existance without fearing them. In addition to U.F.O sightings by ordinary people some believe that the governments of the world or the United States government already has the knowledge of an advanced race of alien beings. The government to this day denies rumors of a cover up but evidence to the contrary is very persistent. To understand why the government would cover up such stories of Aliens working with them in cooperation with the armed forces and military may seem obvious. If word got out that an advanced civilization was aiding the United States military, and their existance has only been denied constantly by the government people would most definetely seek to find a unified government, for they would have lost trust in the current governmental institution.

Another obvious reason for the governments denial of E.T. is the disasterous effects it may have on the world. Culture shock and loss of cultural identity may be one of the worst effects of exposing the existance of E.T.’s. Another theory of the government’s cover up reasons include the Advised Theory.It may be that our visitors have advised our governments to cover-up the fact of their existence, or that there is an agreement between our governments and them to adopt such a policy.(Hughes, 1998) Knowledge of alien visitors would throw the world into an economic depression for the following reason. If people knew that advanced beings had the technology to grasp free energy which would explain how they have been able to conquer space travel of such large distances, we would make obsolete the use of oil and all other forms of human energy harvesting, the global economy would fail simply because it is based upon the oil industry. Regardless of all the speculation about aliens existance and their presence on Earth!, we continue to ponder at the stars an spend money on space searching radio telescopes such as 8 S.E.T.I the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.

We have not yet heard any radio blips from the extra solar star systems and continue to search , wondering whether we are alone. I believe we may never get a radio message for that advanced civilization we are looking for if they are truly here on Earth. They may want to keep their presence unknown to us until we have evolved far enough mentally as well as technologically to handle knowledge of their existance. Philosophical speculation that there might be other worlds similar to ours dates back to the ancient Chinese and Greeks. Even on the paintings of cave walls were strange figures of humanoid beings in space helmets and suits.

To this day Historians are not sure for certain why the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids or even how they were able to accomplish such a feat with the existant technology at that time. There is speculation that the ancient Egyptians were in contact with E.T’s as well. Technological advancements throughout the centuries may have been aided by those from the stars, we may have had help on our evolutionary path and path of advancement. A believer in E.T.’s existance such as myself believe that all of the discussed issues are plausible by the existance of extraterrestrials. It remains a mystery to many though whether they exist on Earth or even at all. To say that extraterrestrials don’t exist throughout the Universe is not a valid belief. There are simply too many ways or forms of which to find life throughout the Universe, intelligent or not.

The odds of life on an intelligent or non intelligent scale in our own Milky way are pretty good on their own. To my belief, the Universe is teaming with life, I cannot say for sure whether we have been visited by any but this is all plausible. I remain captivated at the thought of an advanced civilization aiding mankind in advancement of our species. I hope one day we as a race will become one advanced enough morally socially and politically that war of any kind is non-existant and we will live in a world in which we get along 9 with one another regardless of petty differences. To an advanced civilization, we must all seem just the same to each other , they would probably have compassion to the human ways and this is why they may have taken on the responsibility of helping us advance as a civilization so that we may create a bond with beings of another origin.

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