The age old argument concerning evolution continues to go on. Was man created by a greater being or did he evolve from other animals? The debate unfolds in this hot stuff essay.

There are two sides of man’s physical history. One side is that God created the world in seven days, man included. The other side is that man evolved from unicellular creatures, to fish, to apes, and, later, to humans. I believe the latter. How can a person just believe with no real evidence that some supernatural entity decided to create us? There is, on the other hand, evidence to prove that man was evolved, not simply planted. To those who believe in the religious explanation, how do you explain the existence of the dinosaur? Nothing in the Bible says, “and then God created Brontasauruses.”. It has been proven that dinosaurs were long dead before maneven came along. I choose to believe the provenscientific explication rather than the theological tale that has been so broadly fantasized.

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As a young adult, I have been taught to question what is accepted as “the truth”. Many members of the older generation tend to be deeply rooted in faith and religion, disregarding science as collegiate gibberish because it goes against what they were taught as children. The younger generation seems to have lost the faith. We can not be told that it is raining… we must see it with our own eyes. We need to collect the data for ourselves to decide whether or not it is raining. The older geniture is looked at as senile
andfoolish to believe a story read in a book recorded by a human being by people like me. They do not want their children to be taught a theory that is backed by fact upon fact because they are afraid the children will be less ignorant that they will know something about their past and be able to reason for themselves which account is better.

The fact that I choose to believe in the theory of evolution makes perfect sense to me. On the other end of the spectrum, it makes perfect sense to a believer of the Bible’s report to think there was no history of man; one minute he wasn’t here and the next he was. It just depends on your upbringing and your level of devotion to the church. Either way, people have the right to believe what they want for whatever reason. The items of evidence available to back that belief may be few and far between.



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