How many people today are quitters? Does everybody just give up after one set back? Euthanasia is the act of putting to death or allowing to die as by withholding extreme medicine measures, a person or animal suffering from an incurable disease or condition (Webster). Euthanasia has been brought great attention to the public eye since Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a.k.a. Dr. Death, a.k.a. Jack the Ripper, was discovered for contributing to these horrible inhumane acts. No matter what situation euthanasia is wrong because it is assisted murder and murder is against the law.
Dr. Jack Kevorkian believes that he is promoting compassion, when in reality he is causing more pain and suffering for the families that are left behind. People call euthanasia assisted suicide, when in reality it is assisted murder. At present time, The State of Oregon has the worlds only law specifically permitting a doctor to prescribe deadly drugs for the purpose of ending a patients life (Misbin). Why has only one state that happens to be in the United States contributed to this horrible controversy?
Euthanasia tends to attract people that are terminally ill who desire death and are usually depressed. A good medical doctor would prescribe an individual some anti-depressants before taking ones life. Euthanasia allows a bad doctor to have too much control over an individual life before resulting to the necessary measures of their mental state. Most doctors take an oath before coming an official doctor saying, I will practice medicine to benefit my patients (Devlin). Some doctors have said, Modern medicine today has proven to be very beneficial to deal with pain (Gennette). A person needs to find a new doctor that can prescribe them drugs that can actually do something for their pain rather than taking the cowardly way out, death.
People that get murdered, or assisted in death by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, are crying out for help. Mr. Kevorkian says that they are mercy killings, the key word in that sentence is killing, and killing is murder. These mercy killings are inhumane. He does not care about the lives he takes. It has been recorded that, Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been the cause of 41 deaths up to 1996 (Gennette). These are mothers, brothers, dads, sisters, aunts, and uncles. In 1999 this mercy killer was charged and found guilty of second-degree murder (Devlin). He can serve 10-25 years in prison, but could be paroled in 6 years.
Euthanasia activists are allowing people to believe that it is an acceptable solution to result to when life gets you down. Overall, people that wish to end their life are not in their true and clear mental state when making such a decision (Misbin). People need to learn to appreciate what life can offer and not concentrate on the obstacles in life that we ALL encounter in our life. What is the big hurry anyway to leave? If people can learn to adapt new attitudes about managing and dealing with life and not always taking the easy way out, the cowardly way out, our country would have no states allowing this horrible inhumane act to be legalized.


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