Euthanasia Euthanasia Euthanasia is just another word for mercy killing as some people put it but it also means good death. I look at it as more of a good death if it is performed with the right procedures and if a person has a legitimate reason to be put to death but many people would not agree with me that it should be legal. There are several categories of euthanasia but in general they are all somewhat alike, the kind I think should be allowed and not looked bad upon to give the doctors that assist in the death is voluntary euthanasia. If a person has a terminal illness and wants to put them selves to death because they are suffering I feel that they should be allowed to do that under some certain circumstances. For instance if a person is constantly in pain or has a very bad health condition that is only making their life a living hell they should be allowed to have a doctor help them to their death so they can be put out of their misery.

Also the doctors that help the ill to their death should not be perceived as bad people or murders because if a person has a good reason and wants to die I think that they should be given that right as long as it is not used as an easy way out of hard times or troubles. If you think about it why should a person not be allowed to die in a humane manner with the help of doctor if they are really suffering because if they really want to die then they can do it themselves which is called suicide but I feel that voluntary euthanasia is a much better way to be put to death. Their will always be pros and cons of euthanasia but I think that when a person makes the decision themselves and asks a doctor for help it should be legal if the person is mentally stable and has a good reason or reasons to want to end their life. Book Reports.

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