European history

By the early 1400’s Europe reached a unique point in there
Economy they had developed there economy to the highest
Point possible for there time. The 1400’s ended the middle
Ages and developed the age of exploration and discovery.

The years of 500ad-1100ad is known as the early/
Low middle ages, during this period there economic heath
Decreased 80%, from 1100ad-1400ad were the late/high
Middle ages. The economic health increased due to the central
Monarchy this was due to feudal states taking over other feudal
States. During the early middle ages there was no central gov’t
In Europe, they were under the control of feudalism.
After 1400ad Europe reached its highest economic points
Since 500ad. Europe at this time was full of wealthy bankers
And merchants they were looking to invest but Europe reached
The point of saturation, they had to look outside the borders of
Europe to make $ they needed exploration of the world to do this
To make this dream a reality the wealthy pooled there $
Together in order to invest in exploration, they would use this
Pooled $ to develop a corporation not at the hands of the gov’t
This is called a private sector venture. Once the investors developed
There corporation they need to go the to govt for the right to invest
Beyond the borders of Europe. If they govt agrees they grant the
Corporation a royal charter. Most voyages of exploration failed
But the ones that succeeded brought plenty of $ for the economy.

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To protect there investments the corp’s put together standing
Armies, these standing armies were known as privateers they had
There own boats, weapons, training, and uniforms.
From 1400-1500AD there was a lot that the corporations
Had to figure out before they can start making $, they had to
Understand and develop trade winds, cartography, ships compass,
And cargo vessels.
Trade winds were safe predictable winds that sailors and
Traders used to safely get across the ocean with there valuable vessels
And cargo. There are 2 key trade Winds one is known as the middle
Passage and the other are around the Cape of Good Hope. The Middle
Passage is the way from the old world to the new world, the cape of
Good hope is the southern most tip of Africa sitting between the Indian
And Atlantic oceans, they winds by the Cape of Good Hope are some of
The strongest in the world blowing southbound. From 1493-1498 Vasco
Dagama developed a way to get around the Cape of Good Hope.

A Second pre request known as cartography they needed to master
This to get around the world, they needed a scientific or uniform way of
makin Maps. Maps had been made before but were not uniform. Another pre-request
was known as a sextant this was a navigational tool 1st used by the
Phoenicians. It was used by euro sailors as a navigational tool. The
Sextant worked though triangulation; this was the process in which 3
Barings usually stars were used to form a triangle, this was lackin
Bc it couldn’t be used in the day time. The ships compass was
Also something important to the age of exploration the ships
Compass was diff from a lands compass, the compass was
Housed in a case were mechanical arms with balances
Compensated for the rockin of the boat. This was never
Made before the age of exploration. The cargo vessel was
Also important the cargo vessel was a large vessel but was
Able to make quick changes in direction. It had multiple
Masts and sails of diff sizes and shapes. They had a highly
Trained crew that could detect any change in wind or
Current and compensate with the sails.
There were 3 major explorers involved in the age of
Exploration. In 1492Colubus made a voyage founded by
Queen Isabella he crossed the ocean and found valuable land
Known as the new world. Da Goama from 1493-1498 proved
You could make it around the Cape of Good Hope without getting
Dragged to Antarctica. Magellan was the first to sail around the
World he said you can sail anywhere by boat and proved you
Can get from any place to another by water.


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