The field of ethnobotany has provided us an important access to new information into various areas of food sources, medical research, and energy conservation methods. Thanks to this study, we have learned of the importance of foods such as potatoes, peppers, and even peanuts. The health benefits of plants have given rise to sections of medical research in the topics of malaria, muscle relaxants, and eye diseases just to name a few.
Ethnobotany has proven itself as being an exciting and enlightening area of study. However, field Ethnobotanists have no yet received proper support and respect that they deserve. One reason for this may be that laboratory-based molecular biologists are the basis of this area of study and thus require the most funding. In the favor of ethnobotany, various scientific journals and societies have begun to discuss and approve the studies of Ethnobotanists.
Due to an increase in public interest and conservation methods, companies have begun to look at plants for approaches to new foods, medicines, and even energy sources. The future looks very positive for the growing number of dedicated scientists pursuing the study of ethnobotany. University departments are even offering positions for interdisciplinary trained Ethnobotanists, proving the field is growing with an extremely promising future.


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