Blight 1
Ethics play a major role in just about everyone’s lives today from the young to the old. Starting with the young you learn about responsibilities, values and morals in school. Children have to know that they have to do homework and study, they might not know now that it will pay off in the future. Getting into habits to help them through life will help them learn more easily and be more organized. Also at a young age children do not really know the difference between right and wrong so they need a hand to be taught and pointed in the right direction, which adults and teachers are there to help them with. Older adults and teachers take the responsibilities themselves to help young children learn responsibilities and right from wrong. Moral judgement plays a major role with ethics as well as in life, knowing good decisions from wrong ones. Using you values to make the right decision crosses almost everyone’s mind daily, whether it’s what to wear that day or what to do that day. It can sometimes reflect on your self from what others see.187
The way people act has a major impact on what others are thinking and saying about them. In life if you act positively most people will think of you as a good person. If people act in a negative manor they will have others looking badly upon them. “Every man’s/woman’s work is always a portrait of himself.”-Samuel Butler. When at work if you put forth a full and consistent effort your employers will have a positive attitude towards you. If you slack off at your job and put forth no effort into what you’re doing it will show and your employers will know that you do not have very good morals. Having an assignment and working hard and not saving it to the last minute shows responsibility and if it’s well done your teachers will know what kind of a person you are to some
extent. If you don’t work hard to your full potential you are going to give the teacher almost a right to assume you are not very caring about important things. This quote helps very well to find a parallel connection between work ethic and study ethic and how they can both apply to each other. 202Having a good work ethic will help with a study ethic an then will help with doing well at things and people will know what kind of a person you are. If you have a good study ethic it will then it will help you through like and into the future, and people will know that you have a good background and are a good consistent worker. Some people have poor study ethics and then later on in life in the work force their study ethics will come back to haunt them. Their work ethic will start to show holes and your employer will start to know that you are not very consistent and do not make a positive effort at all times. There are always exceptions, people change, in the past they could have been devoted workers who studied always and made the right decisions, then one day they decided to take the path less travelled’ and changed their work ethics and their employer could assume that they were always a bad worker and had no self discipline. Also people could have slacked off in school and in studying and made all the wrong decisions, who had bad morals then one day decided to turn things around. They decided to place self-discipline on themselves and become devoted hard workers. Their employer would think they have always been hard workers and would never know the past of their employee. In life these two ethics, work and study go together and some people adhere to them and others decide not to, which will show what that person is like.268
Blight 3
Each and every day people’s work ethic shows and shines through what they’re doing at the work place. Whether it be during a presentation to a group or their advisor, or in the office working with other employees at a task, even the commitment to get them selves out of bed and to work on time. It shows when you are working with others in a group, positively if your group is motivated and if they make the proper decisions and them giving a positive commitment will help the group work better together. This will result in a positive outcome, like a good comment from either your boss or advisor. “Work is the grand cure of all maladies (ills) and miseries that ever beset mankind.” In this quote be Thomas Carlyle suggests that working positively will help keep people healthy and make people feel good about themselves. Having a positive work ethic can help people from getting depresses and have a healthy mind from keeping busy all the time. It can also help people make right decisions and not to do dumb things at work to make them do bad, and do what’s right. Being negative at work will make people have bad work ethics and they will not make proper decisions, and will make them not show proper commitment to their job and their boss will not like the way the are negatively affecting others. When people have positive attitudes and make the right decisions others seem to follow. 250
You can tell very easily when people do not have a proper work ethic because they make wrong decisions and do not give a full effort, which is not good for the work place at all. Also people will begin to take their negative work attitude home with them, having positive attitudes and being able to make right decisions will help people at home be more happy and committed to their families. “Work banishes those three great evils:


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