Ethics In America

Ethics In America Unprofessional ? Telling me Stacey was pregnant and she will get fired if she kept calling in ? Telling me Carmen wants more time off and she exhausted all her vacation ? Showing me employees time sheet ? Discussing to me about what other representatives told her ? Screaming and telling me you got kicked out of class so I need to come back to MC instead of saying softly, did not explain I had to inquire ? Telling another employee something personal I told Sonia Griffin about my time off Unfair ? When Arlene and I went with Sonia Griffin for Christmas and came back late she said nothing about my time sheet and even told me I should put an hour and I told her it was okay because it was only five minutes and I worked overtime ? When Arlene wants to or has to leave Sonia Griffin ask if she has looked at the calendar and she says no I have something to do you allow her to go and say nothing ? When Liz had her tooth extracted she was on personal calls and was in talking with reps, she only took eight calls, you never pulled her phone report ? When Brenda and Maggie were out you spoke about what they were and were not doing and how they needed to clean it up or you would take action ? When Stacey called in she wrote on the calendar called in then scratched it out when she came in and put vacation On Friday at 4:25 Sonia Griffin calls me to tell me she needs to speak with me and not to leave until she does. At 4:30 I went to her desk and she tells me she is not ready I need to wait. After about five minutes we go into the conference room and she gives me my time sheet and tells me she is writing me up for falsifying it. I asked her what she meant and she told me I better not argue with her because she could fire me. I asked her how could she even make this proposition when I have not submitted my time sheet.

She informed me she had consulted with you and you told her it was okay. I then told her she might need to ask you to join us because I had not submitted my time sheet and I filled it out when I came on Wednesday and unless I submitted it to her for approval she could not write me up or even fire me. Sonia Griffin then informed me she knew my time sheet was wrong because a representative from the department sent her an email telling her I took an hour lunch for two days. She also informed me she knew this is true because she was at her desk when Arlene and I came in at 12:45. I asked her how could she hear Arlene and I come in at 12:45 when first of all, Arlene and I never went for lunch together, secondly, I came back at 12:43 and Arlene came in after me.

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I told yes I did take an hour lunch on Thursday, but that was irrelevant because I had not submitted my time sheet for approval. She said nothing. I perceive this to be very personal. After a debate about the issue she informed me she was going to forget about if I promised her I would never pre-fill my time sheet. I told her if she did this to me she needed to do that for everyone in Mini Cobra because everyone pre-fills their time sheet and it was unfair for her to single me out. If she had a problem with me taking an hour lunch she could talk to me about it, but her writing me up for something I had not submitted was totally uncalled for an out of order.

Sonia Griffin then told me she had another issue to write me up about. She informed me that the day before I only took three calls, but yet I had a thirty-minute personal phone call. First of all, the call was incoming, this does not mean it was personal, I could’ve been helping a member who has my personal number. Earlier that morning, Sonia Griffin informed me I could do paper work and I would not have to take phone calls because I have tonsillitis. I took it upon myself to answer the phone when the other reps were on calls so I could help out.

I did not have to do this seeing she told me not to take calls, but I did. This was not looked at, it was only considered I took three calls and something must be wrong. Forget about Sonia Griffin telling me not to take the 800 calls, and I took some anyway. I was out sick on Tuesday because of my tonsils. I was on the phone on Wednesday making arrangements for my surgery that’s why it took thirty minutes.

This may not be of interest because it’s the company’s phone but I needed to make an appointment and do the necessary for me to have this procedure done. Sonia Griffin informed me she did not care and this was not the point. I told her if she felt the need to write me up she could because I was not denying being on the phone, but she told me earlier in the day I did not have to answer the 800 calls so why was this an issue as we spoke. It’s like throwing it in my face the fact you told me not to answer the phones, then you pull a phone report on me about using it. I hardly understand what she is trying to get at.

After she finished telling me she could care less about what I said because she was doing her job and would write me up, I told her if she felt the need she could write me up; however, I questioned how this write up could be a final warning when we never discussed the matter previously. She was very angry and told me not to tell her how to do her job. I simply told her I was not telling her how to do her job, but questioning what was being placed in my file. I don’t understand how this unit operates there is constant favoritism that goes on and it is very unfair. What goes for one should go for all and when a similar matter happened to another representative and she did not pull the phone report why does it apply to me? I am tired of coming in here and hearing about Sonia’s personal stories and the things that occur in Middle Market.

When I come to work I come to get a job done and when you don’t acknowledge Sonia Griffin or entertain her she becomes highly offended and treats you unfairly. Philosophy Essays.


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