ethan frome

Ethan and Zeena Frome were always very rich, but Ethan hasn’t ever been
happy. He decided to start a farm. This worried Zeena very much so she brought along
her cousin Mattie. One day while tending the land Ethan was sliced down the back by a
fallen blade. After much surgeries he was able to work again but, with a disabled right
side. His wife Zeena rapidly turn into a hypocondriact. One day while daily fetching his
wifes medications some kids stole his truck as he limped out of the store. Ethan
began ranting and raving over his dying wife at home. When they saw his wife was
perfectly fine they figured he was crazy and put him into a hospital. Zeena worries that
she will be poor cause he is no longer able to work. She figures it iis all part of Mattie’s
plan to take the savings.Zeena tries to kill her but Mattie holds her down and calls the
police. They figure she is also crazy and places her in the hospital with Ethan.
Afterwards Mattie sells the land and keeps the money.


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