Essay 1

In today’s society, if we didn’t have early scientists who invented
things, today wouldn’t be today. In the story Frankenstein, there are two
main scientists who both have a different opinion on the two famous
scientists Cornelius Agrippa and Paracelsus. There opinions are so
different; it makes Victor confused on what to do and who to have help him.

These two different attitudes had nothing worrying Victor because he felt
that he was going to stick with what he wanted and nothing different.

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M. Krempe is one of the scientists helping Victor. He tells Victor
“study completely anew.” First off Victor tells him he likes these two
scientists and they accomplished a lot in scientific life and he read all
about them and there success in creations. To hear that he needed to start
anew makes him wonder if it was a waste to read it all. The professor
wrote down a bunch of new scientists he wanted Victor to read and learn
about. Victor’s thoughts inside his head were to keep what he knew already
and not care about the other scientists he was told to read about.

The other professor was M. Waldman. He was different then Krempe.

When Victor told him about the two famous scientists he read about, Waldman
smiled at the names Victor said. Waldman said “those scientists left
telling us to give new names on their discoveries.” Victor got books from
Waldman that he requested and at the end of the day, Victor decides his
future destiny. He also said Waldman was not just a professor, but a true
friend. Victor found great things out of Waldman.

In conclusion, Victor wanted to do what he wanted and only one of the
two professors supported that. So in the end, Victor picked the one who
supported him and the one who let him study and do what he wanted. The
other professor said his stuff was wrong and Victor was discussed in Krempe
for saying that.


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