Ella Enchanted

A young girl named Ella received a spell at birth from the fairy Lucinda. Lucinda gives the gift of always being obedient. The spell causes Ella to obey commands of others. Ella was happy with her life otherwise. Ella and her mother would do everything together, until her mother became sick and died. Ellas father did not like the way Ella was brought up so he sent her off to finishing school. A rich widow named Dame Olga sent her two daughters, Hattie and Olive, there also. Ella despises them because they order her around a lot. Ella runs away from school. Her goal is to find Lucinda, the fairy, to turn the spell around. Instead, Ella finds Prince Char who becomes her friend. Prince Chars coach brings Ella to a giants wedding where Lucinda is located. Ella asks Lucinda to undo the spell, but Lucinda tells her to be happy’ about the gift. Ellas father takes her home from the wedding and announces hes going to marry Dame Olga. One day Hattie and Olive started talking about a ball that the prince was having so he can find a mistress. Ella really wants to go, but cant because Hattie and Olive are going and Ella fears that they will see her. So after the girls leave Ella decides to go and she will have Lucinda come and make her a coach to bring her to the ball. Ella gets to the ball, wearing a mask, and tells the prince her name is Lela. He believes her, but his heart says that she is Ella. After three nights of the ball Char rips off Ellas mask. Ella runs away and loses a glass slipper. Char goes looking everywhere to find the girl who owns the slipper. After having many girls try the slipper on only Ellas foot fits into it the best. The prince asks Ellas hand in marriage, but Ella says no. She breaks the curse. So after she corrects herself by saying yes they get married and live happily ever after.

II.Ella A young girl that has a tough life. She has a gift to always be obedient. It was given to her at birth.Lucinda A fairy that gives Ella her gift and helps her get ready for the ball.Dame Olga Ellas stepmother who is very mean to Ella. Hattie Ellas oldest stepsister who figures out that Ella will obey any order.Olive The youngest stepsister who figures out that Ella will obey any order.Mandy Ellas cook who watches over Ella after her real mother dies.Prince Char The prince that becomes Ellas friend and husband.

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III.Ellas life is controlled by the spell she received at birth. She is not able to make decisions about what she wants to do. If someone commands Ella to do something, the spell forces to obey the command even if she does not want to obey. Ella loves Prince Char and Prince Char loves Ella. Ella tries to avoid Prince Char because she knows that her obedience will cause Prince Char harm. The problem intensifies when Ella lies to Prince Char and tells him that she has married someone else so that Prince Char might forget about Ella. In the end Char tells Ella to marry him.

IV.The turning point of the story is when Prince Char finds Ella. He asks her to marry him and she says no. Ella felt she had to say no to protect Prince Char from her spell. Her love for the prince was so great that she had to say no to him in order to protect him from the spell. Ella realizes that by saying no to Prince Chars command she broke the spell that controlled her. She was able to control her own life. Ella was free to love and marry with no fears.



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