Edward Devere Earl Of Oxford

Edward Devere – Earl Of Oxford Edward DeVere – Earl of Oxford 1. Was DeVere an aristocrat or a writer? Writing was not a “proper” this for a gentleman/ aristocrat to do. No courtiers were allowed to write poetry. Because of this rule supposedly many men decided upon a pen name however, running against this rule most aristocrats did publish work throwing out oxfords need for a pen name. Therefore if DeVere did write the famous Shakespearean works the author would be known as DeVere rather than Shakespeare.

2. When did DeVere die? DeVere died in 1604 before the first staging of many of the Shakespearean plays such as; King Lear, MacBeth, Anthony and Cleopatra, Timon of Athens, Coriolanus, Pericles, Cymbeiline, The Winters Tale, The Tempest, and Henry VIII. Bacon however died in 1626 leaving 22 years for more works to be published and staged in his lifetime. 3. Why would someone be given the credit as the writer of only “associated” with writers and theater companies? DeVere was only associated as knowing people in the theater rather than being known to be involved with the production and writing of them.

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4. When the Shakespeare Clinic tested the poetry of Shakespeare against the works of others how well did DeVere’s match? not only did none of the works match but DeVere’s was the farthest off. 5. How do you explain the 2 works that were ordered by King James in tribute to DeVere and his widow after their deaths? Eight “Shakespeare” plays were ordered after DeVere death in 1604. Nine years later 14 plays were ordered for DeVere’s widow’s death. …………………………… …………………………… …………………….

Isaac Casaubon 1. What was Isaac’s profession? He was French classical scholar & theologian (known to be one of the best of his time). 2. What was Isaac’s schooling? Until he was 19 he was educated by his father, afterward he was sent to the Academy of Geneva, in 1581 he became a professor of Greek there until 1596. From 1596- 1599 he taught at the University of Montpellier.

3. What was Isaac’s relationship with Bacon? He was a close friend of Bacon’s and proof read at least one of his works. Shakespeare Essays.


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