Ecology Ecology Paper On the Planet Venus there is an eco system which produces food and makes food for all the animals on the planet. I am going to tell u about some of the animals and what part they have in this system. There are producer, consumers, carnivores, omnivores , and herbavores. Some of the Producers on the planet venus are Grass, Apple Tree, Bushes, Grape Fruit Tree, Orange Tree, Maple Tree, Pond Scumm, and Berry Blue Bush. The grass is food for the Plane bird, The Apple Tree is food for Mr. Noddings, Plane bird, ants, Raccoon Bird.

Th= the bushes are food for the cattapilar ants, sandsnails. The fruit trees are eaten by every body except fo r mr.noddings, giant rat, cherry monster tree , the pirana. The fruit trees drop there food and the ants and worms get to eat it and the tree gets nothing in return.this is an example if comminsulism. Some times the bugs eat the roots of the tree and the bugs get food , but the tree is harmed, this is an example of paritsitism. Some of the consumers on the planet venus are Cherry Monster Tree, and Giant rat, small fish,little dirt man, The cherry monster tree has some stick substance on the top of it when some thing lands on it like a bird or bug it gets caught and then it sinks in to the tree then it is eaten bye the plant.

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The fish consumes food by when he eats some thing he keeps it in his stomach then poops it out, thn he eats it when he is hungry. The giant rat and the fish kind of hav the same way of consuming food, except the rat douesnt poop its food then eats it, it throw up its food then eats it so you see the fish and the rat have weird wayz of consuming food. The dirt man has a catching device which he uses to catch his foo. Some of the Herbavores on the planet venus are the hawk, owl, plane bird, and taradactal. The hawk eats the bushes ,grass ,orange tree.

The owl eats the pond scum, aplle tree the berry bush. The Plane bird eats all the trees there is. The taradactal eats all the fruit trees. The tick on the birds eat the blood and the tick get food and the bird gets hurt. This is an example of parasitism.

Some examples of omnivores on the planet venus are mr.hanky brontosuraus , brutus the alligator,scooby the flying dog. Mr. Hankey eats the bushes and grass and the the flying swan scorpion. The brontosuraus eats the fruit tree and the fish. Brutus the Alligator eats the pond scum and the little dirt man eats all the plants and brutus the alligator.

Scooby the flying dogeats theberrys bush and the apple tree. The fling dog eats the fruit off the trees and the tree is hurt and the dog gets food this is an example of paritism. Some examples of carnivores are Mr. Noddongs ,parana joe, the flying scorpion swan. Mr. Noddings eats all animals there is. Parana Joe eat all the fish in the pond, The flying swan scorpion eats the parana and other flying swan and the little dirt man.

The bir on the back of Mr. Noddings eats the ticks off mr.noddings back and the birds get food and mr.noddings gets relifed. This is an example a mutualism. In the following unit we just did I learned how the food wed and chain works and how all animales benift and how all animals lose in the food chain. So I glad we did this unit because I found out how the Animals on Planet venus eat and how they get eaten. Written by Eric Monarrez Science Essays.


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