During the six months of marie churchill, the leng

th of the war is gettinglonger and longer, during the Normandy landing general Eisenhower was the
general manager of the war, since the battle of Britain, combat on the
western front was largely a battle of the air. From the air, Hitler made a
huge mistake that helps Britain had time to rebuilt the air force was the
important part of the war, during this day, allies troops went to the
germany occupied place from 6 different place to landing.

The most tragedy was: the allies didn’t have enough targets to fire on,
their boats were the easiest place to shoot by late spring of 1944, the
western allies were ready to liberate france, thus the allies bombed
factories and cities, as well as vital facilities such as oil refineries
and storage depots. Therefore, the technologies for navigation that the
allies were achieving the greatest goal.

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Churchill is the greatest British primmest in England. The Japanese at
Okinawa had fought to the death and lots member had died. In japan, tow
million more people troops faced the Americans. American bombing raids were
reducing the islands of japan to rubble- one raid on Tokyo in march killed
80000 in a huge firestorm. Between japan and the united states had been
strained since the Japanese invasion of china in 1937. japan’s military
commanders had in fact been unhappy about the situation they were in.1937.

No country which wants to become a major power can do so without the
necessary raw material-especially rubber and oil in the case of japan. The
Japanese had always considered that south east asia should be under their
control or hegemony. To establish that control they needed markets in which
to sell their goods and raw materials.

The Japanese decided to strike a devastating blow against the American
fleet in its base at Pearl Harbour. Admiral yamamoto launched over 200
aircraft got bombed in the war, more than 20 ship sunk in the ocean. In
England channel


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